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especially recommended to beginners 
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Amida Dharma

This book represents the essence of Jodo Shinshu Buddhist teaching as it is taught at Amidaji temple and in our international Sangha. Its study is an obligation for any follower. If somebody can’t read it, it will be read to him by the priest or one of the Dharma colleagues.

Amida Dharma contains the minimum knowledge recquired for a member of Amidaji. It is a simple book without quotations and technical terms, limited to what is strictly necesary to understand the world of repeated births and deaths (samsara) and the Path to escape from it.

The Meaning of Faith and Nembutsu in Jodo Shinshu Buddhism

This book is, as the title shows, an attempt to explain the meaning of faith and Nembutsu in accordance with the teaching of our school. It contains a very detailed explanation of the Primal Vow of Amida Buddha, sentence by sentence, word by word, and other important teachings and explanations related with faith (shinjin) and nembutsu (the saying of the Name of Amida Buddha). 

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 The Four Profound Thoughts which Turn the Mind Towards Amida Dharma 

This book offers a detailed explanation and deep contemplation on the basic Buddhist teachings of 1) the preciousness of human birth, 2) impermanence and death, 3) karma, and 4) the suffering of the various samsaric states of existence (including bardo), all in relation with Amida Buddha's undiscriminative salvation.    

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The True Teaching on Amida Buddha and His Pure Land

The Dharma is the supreme medicine given by the Buddha, the supreme Doctor, and in receiving it we must have the attitude of humble patients whose health and salvation depend totally upon the Doctor’s prescription and proper administration of the medicine. If we are priests or teachers we simply cannot be careless with people’s salvation from birth and death, just like a good pharmacist does not give poison to those who come to him looking for the medicine prescribed by their doctor.
As long as we ourselves are not Doctors (Enlighted beings/Buddhas) we should also not change the Medicine (the Dharma), but instead act as the good pharmacist and give to others exactly what the Doctor has prescribed. Trully, Amida Dharma is not our property and in dealing with it, we should act only as transmitters, not creators of the teaching. This is exactly what I am trying to do in this book – to show the true teaching about Amida Buddha and His Pure Land, while also counteracting some of the most spread wrong views of our time. 

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Commentary on the Sutra on the Buddha of Infinite Life

This is not an academic, secular or historical study, but a religious commentary. Its goal is to explain in easy to understand terms the deep meaning of the Larger Sutra so that people can receive faith in Amida Buddha and be born in His Pure Land after death. 

There are many ways to read the Larger Sutra and various layers of interpretation, which is why different types of practitioners benefit from it - those who choose to focus on Amida Buddha but still cling to their self-power like followers of the 19th and 20th Vows, as well as followers of the Primal Vow (18th) who rely exclusively on Amida’s power.
However, because Jodo Shinshu is the school of the Primal Vow, this commentary and explanation is written from the perspective of the Primal Vow and the complete reliance on the Power of Amida Buddha.

Members and followers of Amidaji temple should look to this commentary as their guide in reading and studying the Larger Sutra.

A new and revised explanation of the 48 vows is included in this book.

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The Path of Acceptance - Commentary on Tannisho

This book is an adaptation of my Dharma talks on the sacred text of Tannisho – Notes on Lamenting Divergences, given  at Tariki Dojo Craiova during the usual days of practice. Each chapter is explained in easy to   understand terms so that to be accesible to beginers and the general public. 

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I often repeat some things in my books or even in the same book. Learned scholars might laugh about it, but I don't care. I am not a scholar and I do not write for scholars. I repeat myself intentionally because I want people to remember those things that I consider extremely important and make the right connections. My books are not academic studies nor some kind of elevated literature, but religious instructions for escaping birth and death.

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