Sunday, May 24, 2020

The roof of Amidado (Hall of Amida) and next plan

The roof is ready, shinning in the sun!
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As you may know, last year I built the concrete platform and metal frame for Amidado (Hall of Amida). These days I finished the construction of the roof. The total amount I paid for two workers and materials was 750 euros.

I needed to start with the roof this year because it was cheaper than the walls. I will, of course, continue with the walls as soon as I raise the necessary amount which will probably be arround 2000 euros (double walls filled with thermal insulation, door, windows, exterior insulation and paint, workers, etc).

Friday, May 22, 2020

Una analogía simple entre el Vajrayana y el Jodo Shinshu para ayudar a los practicantes indecisos

Conozco a algunas personas que provienen de las escuelas  del Budismo Vajrayana y su pensamiento todavía está influenciado por los términos y conceptos del Vajrayana, sin embargo estas personas sinceramente desean seguir el Camino Jodo Shinshu. Para ellas voy a hacer una breve analogía entre las dos tradiciones para ayudarlas a tener una transición fácil. Por favor escuchen con atención.

Como sabrán, en el Vajrayana no puedes practicar con éxito sin un empoderamiento. Cuando recibes el poder de un Maestro realizado, te conectas y eres bendecido por un linaje de transmisión ininterrumpido que comienza con un Buda y continúa con una serie de Maestros Iluminados. Entonces tu práctica puede ser exitosa si eres serio y pones todos sus esfuerzos en esta práctica. Sin este empoderamiento y conexión (con un linaje de maestros), tu práctica no te llevará a la realización. Además, una vez que se te ha otorgado este empoderamiento, debes seguir un samaya, es decir, un conjunto específico de reglas y prácticas. Sin embargo, romper este samaya sin arrepentirte ante tu Maestro dará lugar al nacimiento en el Infierno Vajra.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

A simple analogy between Vajrayana and Jodo Shinshu to help undecided practitioners

I know some people who come from a Vajrayana background and their thinking is still influenced by  Vajrayana terms and concepts but who sincerely wish to follow Jodo Shinshu.
For them I am going to make a short analogy between the two traditions to help them have an easy transition. Please listen carefully.

As you may know, in Vajrayana you cannot successfully practice without empowerment. When you receive empowerment from a realized Master you become connected with and blessed by an uninterrupted lineage of transmission which starts with a Buddha and continues with a series of Enlightened Masters. Then your practice can be successful if you are serious and put all your efforts into it. Without this empowerment and connection, your practice will not lead to realization. Also, once empowerment was given you must follow a samaya, that is, a specific set of rules and practices. However, breaking this samaya without repairing it will lead to birth in Vajra Hell.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Never say Amida Buddha is the same with the "god" of monotheists or with any other divine figure outside the Buddha Dharma

Amida Buddha image from
 Amidaji temple
You should NEVER, EVER, say Amida Buddha is the same with the god of monotheists or with any god and religious figure of a non-Buddhist religion! Don’t use words such as “entrust to Amida Buddha or God”, “be in harmony with Amida Buddha or God”, “communicate with Amida Buddha or God”, etc, like this would be the same! It is NOT the same! Religions are NOT the same, and NO religion outside Buddha Dharma can ever lead you to perfect Enlightenment. Having faith in Amida Buddha and having faith in god do not lead to the same result. Faith in any god, including the so-called “god” of monotheist religions will NEVER lead you to Enlightenment.  
Don’t be a politically correct Buddhist in these matters because you will do no good to your fellow practitioners or beginners, but lead them to more confusion. It is exactly because I wanted to clear away the confusion people make nowadays on this topic, that I wrote these articles (and many others!) which I ask you to READ CAREFULLY:

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

An appeal to all Buddhist teachers - stop transforming your followers into scared puppies

I think its time for all Buddhist teachers to STOP obeying politicians and STOP saying bullshit like "stay home, save lives". Enough is enough!

Don't you realize with all your wisdom that this lockdown is not physically, mentally, or spiritually healthy for your followers? Don't you realize that we can't sacrifice freedom of religious assembly indefinitely for the fear of catching a flu? Illness is part of life, and we cannot stop living, practicing, and coming to temples for fear of illness.

Don't you realize that all these insane dictatorial measures will, in the end, destroy our communities? A Sangha also needs actual face to face meetings and people must come together for practice and services. Keeping our followers in their homes for two months is NOT compassion, but STUPIDITY.
Wake up and start acting like teachers by promoting the physical, mental, and spiritual well being of your followers!

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Rest in Nembutsu

Rest in Nembutsu. Let all your thoughts come and go while you just say the Name. Put an image of Amida that you like  in front of you and say Nembutsu while looking at it. Don't force yourself to feel anything special, just look at Amida and say His Name.
Rest in His presence and Name,
Na Mo A Mi Da Bu, Na Mo A Mi Da Bu, Na Mo A Mi Da Bu....

Do not pursue the various thoughts and worries that appear in the mind, but rest in Amida's Name. You can do this wherever you are, even without an image in front of you.

Amida Buddha is always present so you can simply change the focus to Him and leave everything else aside. You do not need meditation techniques which will make you go astray from Amida when this simple resting in the Name can be done in any circumstance and it is in accord with Amida's Primal Vow and Shinran's words:

"In this fleeting world - this burning house - all matters without exception are empty and false, totally without truth and sincerity. The Nembutsu alone is true and real. "

So, rest in Namo Amida Bu, the manifestation of true reality beyond the samsaric delusion.

Rest in the Name and you rest in Amida's presence. This is not a metaphor, nor a symbol, but the actual truth. Amida is in front of you every time, so please, turn your mind to Him and rest in His Name.
Namo Amida Bu

The above instructions appeared to me spontaneously this night at Amidaji temple. May our Dharma friends abandon the intention to mix practices and find everything they need in the Nembutsu of Faith!

The Six Realms of Samsaric Existence and Amida Buddha's Pure Land according to Amida Dharma (Jodo Shinshu Buddhism)

This is a presentation made by Kosho Arana based on my books.

Part 1: Gansen John Welch (Australia)
Part 2: Kosho Arana (Colombia)

Both Kosho Arana and Gansen John Welch are lay teachers affiliated with Amidaji temple.

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