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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Please, no more Conferences on peace for me - a little request

From time to time I receive invitations to attend conferences on world peace together with various representatives of other religions. I wish people or organizations should stop sending me such invitations.

Do not get me wrong - I do NOT wish war. I am NOT an enemy of peace. I love peace, but I am not that stupid as to believe that all religions really want peace or that all religions are the same. I also do not believe in the usefulness of such events.

Rather than attending conferences on peace where everybody smiles, a lot of money are spent and empty discussions are held, I rather prefer to focus my mind on my religious practice, helping those who think they can be helped by my Dharma activities. 

Respectfully yours in
Namo Amida Bu

PS: A lot of people engaged in a discussion on my page on this topic. You can see the comments here (click on the Facebook icon),

Thursday, June 26, 2014

My kind of inter-faith dialogue

As far as I am concerned, I am against that kind of interfaith dialogue which is so much in style nowadays, and which is mostly based on indoctrination like, “we are all the same”, “all religions are the same”, “let’s unite all religions”, and so on.

Let it be clear from the start: we respect each other, but we are different and we follow different religious paths.

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