Saturday, October 20, 2018

Pure Land poems by Gansen John Welch

Gansen John Welch
Gansen John Welch is a member of Amidaji temple and a close Dharma friend. He is also the narrator of my books. He already finished recording the audio version of The Four Profound Thoughts Which Turn the Mind Towards Amida Dharma (click here to listen) and The True Teaching on Amida Buddha and His Pure Land (click here to listen)
He is now working on the audio version of my newest book, The Meaning of Faith and Nembutsu in Jodo Shinshu Buddhism - click here to see the playlist. 

Here you can read about his spiritual journey - My Path to True Shin Buddhism

Here in this playlist you can listen to all his poems on Pure  Land Buddhism:

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NEW poems by Gansen John Welch