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Buddhist books and items for sale

If you buy one of these books you support me and my Dharma activities, including the construction of Amidaji temple:
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1.  NEW!

by Rev Josho Adrian Cirlea, 173 pages
15 Euro or 16 US Dollars (shipment included)

The Dharma is the supreme medicine given by the Buddha, the supreme Doctor, and in receiving it we must have the attitude of humble patients whose health and salvation depend totally upon the Doctor’s prescription and proper administration of the medicine. If we are priests or teachers we simply cannot be careless with people’s salvation from birth and death, just like a good pharmacist does not give poison to those who come to him looking for the medicine prescribed by their doctor.
As long as we ourselves are not Doctors (Enlighted beings/Buddhas) we should also not change the Medicine (the Dharma), but instead act as the good pharmacist and give to others exactly what the Doctor has prescribed. Trully, Amida Dharma is not our property and in dealing with it, we should act only as transmitters, not creators of the teaching. This is exactly what I am trying to do in this book – to show the true teaching about Amida Buddha and His Pure Land, while also counteracting some of the most spread wrong views of our time. 

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 "Support Amidaji temple pack" - order all my four books at 47 euro (shipment included)

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In the moment Dharmakara became Amida Buddha, his 48 vows and his Pure Land became real and effective methods for the salvation of sentient beings. This book is my personal attempt to provide easy to understand explanations on the vows so that people can live in accordance with them and acquire the true and real  salvation from birth and death.

date of publication: May 2013
by  Rev Josho Adrian Cirlea; 100 pages
13 euro or 14 US Dollars (shipment included)

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Easy to understand explanations of the major doctrines of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, questions and answers, and corrections of some modern divergences from the Dharma.

date of publication: May 2012
by Rev Josho Adrian Cirlea; 217 pages;
15 Euro or 17 US Dollars (shipment included)

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This book is an adaptation of my Dharma talks on the sacred text of Tannisho – Notes on Lamenting Divergences, given  at Tariki Dojo Craiova during the usual days of practice. Each chapter is explained in easy to   understand terms so that to be accesible to beginers and the general public. 

date of publication: December 2011
by Rev Josho Adrian Cirlea; 122 pages;
14 Euro or 15 US Dollars (shipment included)

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Thus I have Heard from Rennyo Shonin
(condition: like new with small bruises on the cover)
This book contains oral teachings from Master Rennyo, given on various occasions to people of different personalities and origins. It is a lively book, where Master Rennyo speaks directly to his audience, people like you and me, and everything he says is as useful today as it was in his times. Translated by Hisao Inagaki Sensei.

132 pages
14 Euro or 16 US Dollars (shipment included)

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The Larger Sutra on the Buddha of Infinite Life in which the story of Amida Buddha and His saving activity is revealed by Shakyamuni Buddha. Shinran Shonin considered this sutra to be the true reason for Shakyamuni's appearing into this world.
The translator, Hisao Inagaki Sensei, kindly donated many copies of this edition to be sold as fundraising for the building of Amidaji Temple Romania.

Price: 12 euro or 14 US Dollars (shipment included)

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UNDERSTANDING JODO SHINSHU by Eiken Kobai - English edition,
190 pages - 13 Euro;or 14 U.S. Dollars (shipment included)
(condition: like new with small bruises on the cover)

Professor Kobai explains the True Teaching, Practice and Realization of the Pure Land Way, as taught first by Master Shinran, and then by Master Rennyo.For those new to Shin Buddhism, and for those confused by the different teachings being propagated today in Master Shinran's name, Kobai Sensei provides clear insight into the Dharma coming from 40 years of study as a faithful scholar of Shinran's thought.

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Special offer!!!
If you buy this book at this price, you receive as a gift, the other book of  Eiken Kobai Sensei:

The True and Real World of Salvation
An Introduction to the Life and Teaching of the Venerable Master Shinran

Click here for the free online edition if you can't afford or don't want to buy it.

Misunderstandings of Master Rennyo - free online edition.
(printed edition not available)


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4 comentarii:

Veronica said...

Sensei, please reserve this book for me if you still have it:

Zuiken's Shinshu Dharmapada

Josho Adrian Cirlea said...

I will keep one copy for you!

Juho said...

I have to say that you should remove "Mokugyo" and "Hanya Shingyo scroll" from your items-for-sale website. These items are recognized as symbol of "self power way of teaching" and strictly prohibited to use at Jodo-Shinshu temples.

Josho Adrian Cirlea said...

for Juho:

The items on sale on this part of the website, which is like a general Buddhist shop, are not for Jodo Shinshu followers only.
"Mokugyo" and "Hannya Shingyo" are not sold to be used in Jodo Shinshu temples. I have friends, visitors and readers from other schools too, so they might wish to buy them, for their own practice, and in the same time, support the construction of Amidaji.
So, I will not remove them until they are sold. I have only one copy of each.