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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Complete peace of mind

After I received the message I quoted in my previous post on the difference between Jodo Shu and Jodo Shinshu, I asked another question to Inagaki Sensei (1) about an expression he used ("complete peace of mind") when referring to Jodo Shinshu and faith (shinjin). Here is my question and his answer:

You said:
"In B (Jodo Shinshu), as soon as one attains absolute faith, one dwells in complete peace of mind. "
By "complete peace of mind", do you mean "assurance", that is the peace one feels because he knows he is assured of birth in Amida's Pure Land? This is how I understand what you said by "peace of mind". I don't think it means that one is no longer subject of suffering because one who received shinjin is still an ordinary person full of attachments during this life."

ANSWER (Inagaki Sensei):

"'Complete peace of mind" means the state of mind that you attain after giving up your self-power and entrusting yourself entirely up to Amida. As long as you live, you remain a bombu, full of evil passions - greed, anger and stupidity. Even after you have attained shinjin, you are subject to anxiety and distress. It is like a loving mother; whenever you have a bitter experience in your life, your loving mother is waiting for you at home ready to embrace you and console you. Jodoshinshu people live and die in the compassionate hands of Amida Buddha."

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