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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Just say the Name in faith

- fragment from a letter to a Dharma friend - 

There is no need to create something special into your mind.
By saying Namo Amida Bu in faith
 you accept that everything necesary to your salvation
 depends entirely on Amida Buddha
When you say the Name, just say the Name. No matter if you feel something good or bad, if you are calm or have an agitated mind, just say the Name. When you say this Name you do not take refuge in your own mind, in the thoughts that appear in it, in your feelings or ideas, but in Amida Buddha who is outside of your mind.

Why bother with having the best attitude of mind when you say the Name?
This Name does not belong to you and its power is the Power of Amida Buddha, so you cannot improve it or damage it by anything that can be found in your mind.
I am telling you all these things repeatedly and in many letters, so that you do not have any fear that somehow, something that exists in your mind can be an obstacle to the saving activity of Amida Buddha. If you simply entrust yourself to Amida, and saying His Name means exactly this (that you entrust yourself to Him), you are saved just as you are, and no matter what happens to you or with your mind while you are still in this illusory body, your birth in the Pure Land is safe and you will surely go there, at the end of this present life.

Again, please do not busy yourself with your unpredictable mind; do not worry about it. It is normal for an ordinary, unenlightened person like you to have an unstable mind, and the Compassion of Amida Buddha is especially directed to such people.  You just say the nembutsu of faith and relax. Yes, you can relax, because your salvation and birth in the Pure Land does not depend on you, but on Amida’s Power. This is exactly why you say His Name, „Namo Amida Bu” (I take refuge/entrust in Amida Buddha), Namo Amida Bu, Namo Amida Bu…. You rely on Him, not on yourself. This is the true nembutsu – the nembutsu of faith.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Do not depend on the changing mind

"What state of mind do you want?
Even if you attain the state of mind you want,
It will change again.
Do not depend on the mind
which keeps changing."

Zuiken Sensei

Impermanence is the fundamental law of the world we live in and of our spiritual "realizations". If we believe in the permanence of this world, we will lose ourselves in it, in our desires about it. If we believe in the permanence of our spiritual "realizations" based on the false ego, we will lose ourselves in a false Enlightenment.
This is why, in our tradition, we take refuge in Amida Buddha in order to attain the true Enlightenment (birth in the Pure Land).
The ego cannot become free by himself.
Namo Amida Butsu

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