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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

An appeal to all Buddhist teachers - stop transforming your followers into scared puppies

I think its time for all Buddhist teachers to STOP obeying politicians and STOP saying bullshit like "stay home, save lives". Enough is enough!

Don't you realize with all your wisdom that this lockdown is not physically, mentally, or spiritually healthy for your followers? Don't you realize that we can't sacrifice freedom of religious assembly indefinitely for the fear of catching a flu? Illness is part of life, and we cannot stop living, practicing, and coming to temples for fear of illness.

Don't you realize that all these insane dictatorial measures will, in the end, destroy our communities? A Sangha also needs actual face to face meetings and people must come together for practice and services. Keeping our followers in their homes for two months is NOT compassion, but STUPIDITY.
Wake up and start acting like teachers by promoting the physical, mental, and spiritual well being of your followers!

Friday, April 17, 2020

My message on coronavirus - go out and enjoy life

It seems that I am one of the few Buddhist priests and teachers that goes against the stream and advise people to go outside and breath fresh air.

Nowadays, Facebook is filled with priests posting profile images with the message, ”stay home, save a life” and they think this is showing Compassion. No, it's NOT! This is the offering of fear and stupidity! I do not imply that this is their true intention, but it's what they actually do by their actions.

To teach people to give up their liberty and rights because of stupid virosis, no more dangerous than a flu means to teach them to be stupid and fearful. This is NOT what I teach and NOT the way I live.

Go out, dear friends. You need to be seen by the sun, receive vitamin D, and enjoy life. If you stay inside as the stupid authorities ask you to do, your immune system will suffer and you will get sick easier.

I do not say go and kiss people on the street nor I advise you to not be careful. I only encourage you to treat this coronavirus with wisdom and non-fear. Don't stay home all day! Go out and save lives by showing that sunlight is good and healthy.
Go out and show others that life must be lived freely and with dignity, not locked up in a room and dancing like cage birds at the windows.

Yours in Namo Amida Bu,

Josho Adrian Cirlea, resident priest of Amidaji temple

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