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About Amidaji temple:
Amidaji is an international Buddhist temple dedicated to the single goal of teaching the Amida Dharma in strict accordance with the canonical texts of Jodo Shinshu school, thus helping all beings receive simple faith (shinjin) in Amida Buddha. Its mission is to preserve, protect and transmit the Amida Dharma as it was taught by Shakyamuni Buddha, Shinran Shonin and Rennyo Shonin.

Amidaji recognizes the literal existence of Amida Buddha and His Pure Land, and encourages all beings to entrust to Him, say His Name in faith and gratitude, and wish to be born there, after death. For an introduction into the teaching promoted at Amidaji see the article, "Some general notions of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism" and Amida Dharma - the essential doctrine of Amidaji temple - a must-read for all members and students.

Rev Josho Adrian Cirlea

About the resident  priest of Amidaji:
My name is Josho Adrian Cîrlea. I received priest ordination (tokudo) in 2003, at Nishi Hongwanji Mother temple in Kyoto, and since then I am the representative of the Romanian Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Community. I am also in charge of Amidaji temple

If I write something true and useful on this website for others awakening to faith, this comes from Amida Buddha’s influence on me. If I say something wrong the fault belongs to my unenlightened and limited personality. Thus, I ask the reader to always compare what I write with the words of the sutras and the Masters of our school and do not believe me just because I am a priest.

Contact details:
I am at your service, if you need me:

e-mail: josho_adrian@yahoo.com
skype id: josho_adrian

Our time is limited, so I intend to use it wisely.
This means that I accept to enter into public or private communication only with people who have a sincere interest in hearing the Amida Dharma as it was taught by Shakyamuni and the masters of our tradition. But those who are searching for debates, who distort this Dharma with their own opinions or who mix it with other paths from inside or outside the Buddha's teaching, are kindly requested to go to other places and teachers. 

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COD POSTAL (postal code) 200900

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