Saturday, April 6, 2019

Conditions to be accepted as a student at Amidaji temple

Rev Josho Adrian Cirlea, resident priest
of Amidaji temple
the following also applies to people who ask occasional teachings from me, or visit Amidaji, without engaging in a long teacher-student relationship

I already explained this many times, but I think is better to state it again in more detail, so that people who wish to receive guidance from me know what should expect. So, first, read this, then decide if you wish to continue or not.

I believe in discipline when it comes to teaching and listening to Amida Dharma.
The main problem of international Jodo Shinshu sangha is doctrinal chaos and the fact that everybody can say and teach whatever one wants, and then every opinion no matter how false is accepted under the stupid idea of political correctness. This is wrongly understood freedom, or freedom without responsibility which leads to the proliferation of so many wrong views. However, this is NOT the way of Amidaji, and NOT my teaching style.

So, please do contact me or come to Amidaji only if you are in a learning mood and if you want to receive guidance from me. Don’t contact me to express your views and personal opinions on various Buddhist or worldly matters because I am NOT interested. I am here to help those who think they need my help. Period. Those who think they know better or disagree with my teaching style are invited to find somebody else. Amidaji temple, this website or the various pages I use to promote Amida Dharma are NOT forums, and the posts, articles, and instructions I offer are NOT an invitation to debate, but to listen deeply. 

I can talk many hours, offer many days, weeks, months, and years of guidance to those who are willing to learn, and a lot of people can testify to my dedication and the warm welcome they receive at Amidaji. You may contact me at any hour by email, chat or other means if you have questions and you will see that I answer quickly. I have patience with serious students who have difficulty in understanding and learning, I ask no fees or taxes for guidance and from those who come at Amidaji. My books and all the texts in use at my temple are available for free download. The library is opened too, for study and to borrow books. There is nothing I refuse to those who sincerely wish to learn the orthodox Jodo Shinshu teaching (Amida Dharma) and are willing to study seriously.

However, I kick out immediately anyone who is not serious enough and not truly willing to learn Amida Dharma. I don’t have time to lose with closed minds, with those who play smart with me, think they know better and insist on telling me their opinions when I have never asked them so, with those who are lazy and don’t read or don’t study what I told them to read and study, with impolite or undisciplined people, with those who are searching for debates, who distort Amida Dharma with their own opinions or who mix it with other paths from inside or outside the Buddha's teaching, etc.

It’s ok if people come to me and Amidaji with misunderstandings and errors, because the world nowadays is filled with wrong views and false teachers, and many are led into confusion, but if after being explained thoroughly what is true and false, one insists on his wrong views, then he will be asked to leave and find another teacher and temple. Further moaning and complaining will not be taken into consideration, as everybody is warned from the start who I and Amidaji are. Also, messages and letters containing frustrated reactions will not be read, because time is precious and does not worth spending it with endless and useless discussions.

The way of Amidaji is a total dedication to serious followers and people in a learning mood, and zero tolerance for proponents of wrong views, mixed practices and religions, lazy people and all those who don’t follow the instructions offered so generously at this temple.

I hope this short post will be clearly understood as I intended it -  a compassionate warning for those who are dishonest or simply cannot accommodate themselves with Amidaji orthodox teaching style and a compassionate welcome and encouragement for honest seekers who take the matter of death and after death seriously and are willing to learn how to escape it through Amida’s method of salvation.

Namo Amida Bu

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