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Amidaji temple - work plan and progress

(Last update - August 31, 2020!
read bellow!)

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the altar of Amidaji located in the 
small Hondo (Dharma Hall)
Amidaji is an international temple, opened to anybody who wishes to learn the authentic Jodo Shinshu Dharma and receive shinjin  – simple faith in Amida Buddha. Periodical meetings and retreats of a few days are organized in both English and Romanian (if translators in other languages are available, we’ll use them). Everybody, no matter where he/she lives can become a member of Amidaji temple. 

The participation at the Dharma meetings, membership and accommodation in the temple facilities are free of charge. There has never been and will never be any fee or taxes for attending Dharma meetings in my country for both Romanians or foreign visitors and members. Only donations are to be accepted.

Amidaji is located in Calopăr village[1], close to the town of Craiova (Dolj County), on a small parcel of land donated by my family. It will contain the following main elements and buildings:

the little Hondo (Dharma Hall)

-          Hondo (hall for religious services and sermons) 
-          Library
-          Accommodation places for visitors (these are needed because Amidaji is opened to people who might wish to stay for a few days or nights), toilets, showers - (accomodation is now offered in the library!)
-          Kitchen and dinning hall

If you wish to read updates and see photos of the progress in building this temple, click on the links below 
(the last updates are the first in the list):

building the little Hondo
-  added the double doors and windows of Amidado NEW!
- building the walls of Amidado (Hall of Amida)NEW!
- the roof of Amidado (Hall of Amida) and the next plan NEW!
- working on the kitchen of Amidaji and new plans for this year (2019) 
- New guest room at Amidaji
- A bathroom for the cold season is now available at Amidaji!
- New religious items for Amidaji altar (october 2018)
- Spring work at Amidaji and the plan for 2018
- Invitation to become a Patron (constant supporter) of Amidaji by little monthly donations 
- Works for strenghtening the Hondo and library of Amidaji (part II the Library) 2017
- Works for strenghtening the Hondo (Dharma Hall) and library of Amidaji (part I the Hondo) 2017
- Fund raising for strenghtening the library of Amidaji 
- New trees planted at Amidaji, construction plan for 2017 and a memorial for the donor of the temple's land
- ANNOUNCEMENT - Help needed for the winter season January 2017
- Library of Amidaji affected by a powerful storm and repaired
- Amidaji construction news 2016 - two stoves arived at Amidaji!
- help needed to buy two stoves for Amidaji temple (September 2016)
the library of Amidaji
- finished in the summer of 2016
- Announcement! Amidaji is opened for visitors! 
- Amidaji construction news 2016 - (part III) and an announcement for visitors
- Amidaji construction news 2016 - part II (THE LIBRARY)

- Amidaji construction news 2016 - part 1

- Amidaji construction news 2015 - part 3

- Amidaji construction news 2015 - part 2 
the library of Amidaji

- Amidaji construction news 2015 - part 1

- I installed the altar of Amidaji temple (2014)

- I installed the little Hondo (Dharma Hall) of Amidaji (2014)

- I built the concrete platform for the Hondo (Dharma Hall) of Amidaji (2013)

a view of the entire Amidaji land with
the Hondo in the right
and the library in the left
- Clearing the land for the Hondo (Dharma Hall) of Amidaji  (2013)

If you can afford to, please consider a small 
DONATION (click here to donate) or buy some of my books 
(click here to go to the books section) to help the construction of Amidaji temple. 

All donors, no matter how small their help is, will be counted among the founders and will have their names mentioned in a special place of the temple when all the buildings are finished. Also if you donate in the memory of a departed, his/her name will be mentioned, too. I keep a record of all donors (included are also those who donated in 2010 or before that year) and nobody is to be forgotten.

Also, if there are companies who wish to sponsor the entire project or parts of it, in exchange for publicity and other benefits, they may contact me on e-mail ( ) and we’ll discuss the details.

building the library
Gratefully yours
in Namo Amida Butsu,

Josho Adrian Cîrlea

during a day of work in the courtyard of Amidaji

in the little Hondo (Dharma Hall) of Amidaji

[1] Calopăr belongs to the commune of Calopăr which has a population of about  4,000 people. Distance between Craiova and Calopar is about 20 km, which can be covered up in 20-30 minute by bus and even faster by car. 

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+Presbítero D.BORBA-ILB. said...

Nice job sensei, congratulations!
I am a Buddhist from Ecola Jodoshu Nippakuji in the city of ibiuna-SP, Brazil.
I love this philosophy of the Pure Land.
Namu Amida Butsu!

My whatsapp if you wish to contact me: 55 15 997 55 44 40.

Josho Adrian Cirlea said...

thank you for your encouragements, dear Mr Borba! You can add me on facebook if you wish, at, because its easier than watsup

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