Tuesday, November 20, 2018

A bathroom for the cold season is now available at Amidaji temple

this is how the bathroom
looks now
this is how the bathroom looks now
For many people to have a bathroom is no big deal, but here at Amidaji was something very much needed, especially for the cold season. Until now visitors who stayed in retreat for a few days in spring and summer could use the solar shower, but there was no facility for the cold season and winter. Now I finally could be able to build a small bathroom from the donations I gathered from my readers. The materials and workers I had to hire costed me around 707 euro. However, I still need to add a wooden door, a small window to this bathroom, and a radiator which will probably be done at the end of this week or the next.

I had to hire two workers
as I don't have the necesary
skills to do build a bathroom
by myself

General Conditions are still poor, as the village where Amidaji is located does not have a running water system or sewerage, so the water used for the shower and the small reservoir above the washbasin is still heated on the stove, but it certainly is an important step forward. Next year I plan to upgrade this bathroom and build a better oilet out of bricks to replace the present wooden toilet from the garden.

If you wish to help Amidaji temple please consider a small DONATION by going to this link (click here to donate).The funds I am able to raise will also be used to buy more firewood for this winter, which is usually, the hardest time of the year. Any little help is very much appreciated and gratefully received.

I gave a little help
the specialist again

this is how the bathroom looks now
this is how the bathroom looks now 
painting the outside walls of the bathroom

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