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Suggested order of reading my texts and books for those new to Buddhism and Jodo Shinshu Buddhism

Here is a suggested order for reading my texts and books if you want to get proper knowledge of general Buddhism and Jodo Shinshu Buddhism in particular:

 Some General Notions of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, especially recommended to beginners.

Amida Dharma  - the essentials of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism as it is taught at Amidaji temple. A must-read book for all members and students. 

PART I - these articles will give you general knowledge of basic Buddhist teachings:

1) You are not your body
2)The Buddhist teaching on man, rebirth, and karma
3)There is no supreme creator god in the Buddha Dharma
4)Some Buddhist explanations on the origin and existence of the universe
5)Two questions on Buddha-nature and Samsara


The Four Profound Thoughts Which Turn the Mind Towards Amida Dharma 
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This is a book in which, by contemplating the preciousness and rarity of birth in human form and meeting the Dharma, the impermanence of life and so called ”spiritual achievements”,  of karma and the sufferings of samsara, I try to offer you the reasons why you should entrust yourself to Amida Buddha and wish to be born in His Pure Land. It is an argument for the Jodo Shinshu Path (Amida Dharma).

The Meaning of Faith and Nembutsu in Jodo Shinshu Buddhism
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This is a book in which I explain in great detail the Primal Vow (18th Vow) of Amida Buddha, which is considered the main vow of this Buddha and the central aspect of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism. You can also get in depth explanations of what is faith, Nembutsu, the benefits of faith, etc, as these are understood in Jodo Shinshu.

The Path of Acceptance - Commentary on Tannisho
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This book is an adaptation of my Dharma talks on the sacred text of Tannisho – Notes on Lamenting Divergences, given  at Tariki Dojo Craiova during the usual days of practice. Each chapter is explained in easy to   understand terms so that to be accesible to beginers and the general public.

The True Teaching on Amida Buddha and His Pure Land
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This is my attempt to counteract some of the most spread wrong views in the international sangha related with general Buddhist notions (articles 2,3,4 from part I are included) and Jodo Shinshu teachings on Amida Buddha and His Pure Land.
A good source to understand the nature of Amida Buddha and His Pure Land.

Commentary on the Sutra on the Buddha of Infinite Life (Larger Sutra)
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How to read the Larger Sutra through the eyes of faith in the Primal Vow and Shinran's teaching.
This commentary also contains an improved and revised explanation of all the 48 Vows of Amida Buddha which are His ways of acting for the salvation of sentient beings.

then you can continue with my entire collection of articles from the Table of Contents of this website.

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