Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Visit of IABC delegation from Japan to Amidaji temple

Visitors and members in the Hondo (Dharma Hall) of Amidaji
On August 28th a delegation of IABC from Japan visited Amidaji temple.
We had a wonderful time together. We recited Amidakyo (Smaller Amida Sutra) and Nembutsu, we had Dharma discussions and we enjoyed a delicious vegetarian food.
I also explained the orthodox attitude of Amidaji in all matters related with Dharma activities and I presented the plan for the next phase in the development of the temple.

The IABC delegation kindly offered us advice
and various gifts like incence sticks, candles, shoko (powder incense) of the type which is regularly used at Hongwanji mother temple, and CDs. 

New photos will be added soon!

presentation of the gifts

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