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Saturday, May 26, 2012

My message on the United Nations Day of Vesak 2012 (Bangkok, Thailand)

As I informed you some time ago, one of my students will attend the United Nations Wesak Celebration and Conference in Thailand between 31 May – 2 June 2011.
The Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University (MCU), which is the principal organizer, asked me to send them a short message to be published in the Souvenir Program. You can download it from here:

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Printed version of my last book - JODO SHINSHU BUDDHIST TEACHINGS

Finaly the printed version of my last book, JODO SHINSHU BUDDHIST TEACHINGS is ready for sale!
You can buy it from this link where you may also find other books for sale:

The book contains easy to understand explanations of the major doctrines of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, questions and answers, and corrections of some modern divergences from the Dharma.


Jodo Shinshu does not give moral speeches and it doesn’t contain difficult practices. While other Buddhist methods talk about the ideal of Buddhahood and the possibility to attain it in this life, Jodo Shinshu starts with the sense of failure.

It is a simple path for ordinary people like you and me, lost from morning till evening in the fight for daily survival, filled with illusions and attachments to which we see neither the beginning nor the end. Jodo Shinshu is not a path for saints, but for losers, for those who cannot attain by themselves anything stable in the spiritual life.

Not the promise of purification, but of salvation as we are is the essence of Jodo Shinshu. Nothing special, no state of mind to be attained or developed.  Only faith in the Infinite Compassion of Amida Buddha.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

NEWS: Romanian delegate at the 9th Conference of The United Nations Day of Vesak

Robert Kaigo Ionescu

This year, Robert Kaigo Ionescu will represent me and the Romanian Jodo Shinshu sangha at the 9th Conference of The United Nations Day of Vesak (31 May- 2 June 2012).

Website of the event:

Sunday, January 1, 2012


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My page on 

If you have problems downloading this book, please write to me at and I will send you a pdf copy via e-mail.


Printed editions of my books can be ordered here:


To people in special circumstances and difficulties I will try to send free printed copies, on my own expanse. If you are in this category, please  write to me at

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Path of Acceptance - commentary on Tannisho (free online edition)


Links for free download:

My google drive (click here)
My page from (click here)
My page on (click here)

If you have problems downloading this book write to me at and I will send you a copy via e-mail.


Printed editions of my books can be ordered here:


To people in special circumstances and difficulties I will try to send free printed copies, on my own expanse. If you are in this category, please  write to me at

Reactions to this book:
Paul Roberts from trueshinbuddhism yahoo group

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

NEWS! Son of Shinmon-sama at his first visit to the Hongwanji-temple

Takashi-sama, the son of Shinmon-sama (the future Patriarch of our tradition) and of Ruzumi-sama, born on 12th of May 2011, attended the ceremony of the "first visit" at Hongwanji temple on 8th of October.

In the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist tradition, the family presents their newborn child at the temple, thus expressing the wish that the child will follow the Buddha's Path. Congratulations! Namo Amida Butsu!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pictures from the 750th Memorial of Shinran Shonin (8-11 September 2011)

link here

new pictures were added on 19th September

I recently came back from Japan where I attended the 750th Memorial of Shinran Shonin, an event which is organized once in 50 years.
There are so many things to be said, stories to tell, people to mention, but I will resume myself in this article only at sharing with you pictures that might be useful for those who attended the Conference, kikyoshiki (confirmation) ceremony and pilgrimage to Mount Hiei.

I know that usually it takes a lot of time until official pictures are released by the organizers and maybe, as it often happens, some people might not find themselves in them. This is why I always hurry, after all the Conferences and meetings I attend, to make available as many pictures as possible. 
On September 11th I tried to position myself so that I could take some pictures with my members and other nembutsu friends in the foreground, receiving kikyoshiki. However, I appologize for not being able to catch all the candidates.

I am grateful to the members of my sangha for many other pictures taken by them.
Soon, more pictures will be added, so check this post for new updates! 
There is no copyright for the pictures, so feel free to share then with others!

- The same pictures can be seen on the Facebook page of Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Community from Romania
- on my youtube page you can also see a video record of a small part from the Ceremony dedicated to Shinran Shonin

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A story of Shinran's meeting with a hungry ghost

This is a painting of Shinran and a Gaki on Mt Tsukuba ( from the Jofuku-Ji temple in Ozone Tsukuba).
As we know, unlike other Buddhist schools, in Jodo Shinshu there are no ceremonies to feed the hungry ghosts (segaki). In relation with this, I recently found a story from Tsukuba and the surrounding area involving Shinran Shonin’s visit to Mt Tsukuba.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Handwriting of Shinran Shonin found

A piece of paper with a monk's name believed to have been written by Shinran, left, and another piece of paper with the title of the Buddhist archive Saihoshinansho and the name of one of Shinran's followers. (Provided by Takada Honzan Senjuji temple and Takada Honzan Senjuji temple)
Takada Honzan Senjuji Temple in Mie Prefecture said it found two pieces of paper that apparently contain the original handwriting of Shinran (1173-1263), founder of the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist sect. The papers were found inside the six-book archive Saihoshinansho believed to have been written by the monk around 1256, when he was 84 years old, the temple said.

Read the entire article here

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The 750th Memorial of Shinran Shonin in Kyoto

Through the benevolence of the International Association of Buddhist Culture I will be able to attend, together with three members of Romanian sangha, the 750th Memorial of Shinran Shonin and the European Conference that will be organized on this occasion between 8th to 11th September in Kyoto.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Earthquake in Japan

We, members of the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Community from Romania wish to express our solidarity with the people of Japan who are now suffering the effects of the natural disaster which falled upon their country.
We are looking forward to receive news from our Japanese Dharma friends and hope they are well and safe.

May we all deeply understand impermanence and follow the Dharma like this would be the last day of our life. In this world of suffering nobody is safe.

Namo Amida Butsu

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Buddhist books for children

Dear readers and Dharma friends,

Can you please help me with Buddhist books for children, especially cartoons? I need as many variants as possible to get inspiration for something like "Buddha's life", "Shinran's life", "Rennyo's life", Buddhist teachings with animals, etc. It does not matter if they are in Japanese (I know there are many such cartoons in Japanese), English or any language. We have no Buddhist books for children in Romanian and I intend to create some. I also know there are not so many in English, too.

If you have some free copies, please send them to my mail address:

O.P. 6, C.P. 615

Your help will be very much appreciated.

Namo Amida Bu,
Josho Adrian

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Romanian tokudo candidate not recognized by me

Many days ago I received news from a Japanese source who wishes to remain  anonymous that a Romanian person is now in Japan for tokudo (priest) ordination. All the evidences indicates that she is the one who left my dojo after I did not allowed the publication in Romanian of Taitetsu Unno’s „Bits of Rubble Turn into Gold” due to some fragments from that book which I consider to be a divergence from the Jodo Shinshu teaching one can find in the sacred texts of our school.

It is traditional when one goes for tokudo that he or she first receive a recommendation from his/her priest and teacher, in this case me, who I am also the official representative in Romania.
Why this did not happen now?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Good methods of comunication (skype, yahoo messenger, etc)

Just a short note to inform my readers and Dharma friends about new methods to keep in touch with me.

If you use skype, my id is josho_adrian

My e-mail remains the same:

I prefer to talk with my readers and Dharma friends from abroad on  skype, rather than by phone, because its harder for me to understand English if the phone connection is bad. Sometimes I also have too much letters to answer and an online discussion might be better. I can also use webcam if you wish to see each other while talking.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Note on the cancellation of the 16th European Shinshu Conference supposed to be held in Romania


On January 19th  (yesterday) I received this report from Kensho Jerome Ducor Sensei, leader of the Swiss sangha. I share it with you bellow, followed by my comments.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Next European Shinshu Conference supposed to be held in Romania was cancelled


I recently received the official news of the cancelation of the next European Shinshu Conference which was supposed to be held in Romania, although I heard rumors about this before, from members of various sanghas who support me and gave me this information.

Exclusion from the German Shinshu Sangha

Here is an official document sent to me some time ago by the leadership of the German Shinshu sangha and bellow you can see my answer. Some time ago I was invited to become a member of this sangha although I am not a German, and I guess the reason was that they liked me and my style of teaching the Dharma. But after I wrote that article and others that came after it in the section “divergences from Jodo Shinshu teaching”, they decided that I should be kicked out. Its ok, I have nothing against exclusions, I just wanted to show you that I am not the only one capable of radical attitudes, like my action of excluding books written by Unno from the library of Tariki Dojo was considered to be.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Don't worry about copyright

Dear friends,

Recently someone asked me if he can use the articles I published on this blog for a free Dharma magazine he has in mind to create. I said, "of course you can, do it".
I am also using this occasion to tell to all the readers of this blog, that I don't mind anybody using, transmitting, copying, sharing any articles written here. The same I say about all the books I published at DharmaLion. If you wish to copy any book printed by me and share it online, I don't mind. A copyright statement is written here on the website or on the books, but I am not a bad guy and don't complain if you share all I write and print without asking money for it. I have nothing against internet pirates, too :)) In fact, I think they are all good guys, sharing the Dharma for those who can't afford it.

Of course I need money for myself and my Dharma activities and I hope many rich guys will buy from me :))) especially in this hard period, but I will never complain or say something against someone who distributes something written or printed by me if he doesn't modify the content of the text.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Back from Eko-ji

I returned from Eko-ji temple in Dusseldorf last night and now I have to make a little more journey until I finally relax at home.
This meeting was one where I couldn't become bored and this was due to the teacher Eko Haus der japanischen kultur invited - Noriaki Matsuo Sensei - who I think was the best teacher ever came to Eko Haus since I attend this kind of meetings. He gave a lecture on Shoshinge and as far as I understood from the passages translated by Marc and Chisho Frank(second picture), his commentaries were excellent and with no trace of that kind of sophisticated scholarship I don't like. Also I didn't find any distorsion of the teaching in his lecture, but only good explanations in accordance with the words of Shinran. This Sensei is rather young and unknown to the European public and I hope Eko Haus will continue to invite him at future meetings.

All the participants engaged in useful Dharma discussions on many topics related with Shoshinge, which into my opinion, made this meeting a true nembutsu meeting, one of the few that actually take place in the international sangha. I was indeed satisfied with everything happened there, not only with the lecture and talks with old friends, but also because of the Dharma discussions I had with new members like David Cwila.
After the Hoonko ceremony I could give books to visitors who attended it and others that were present in the Eko Haus. Among these gifts were the two books of Eiken Kobai Sensei printed by me at Dharma Lion. In total I gave 18 books to visitors and members, including THUS I HAVE HEARD FROM RENNYO SHONIN.

Finally, I had a beautiful surprise from my German friends who invited me to be an official member of their sangha. I consider it to be a beautiful symbol of unity and a recognition of our friendship.

I give my thanks to all the people who made this meeting possible, and those who attended it, but especially to Aoyama Sensei(third picture) - the abot of Eko-ji temple and president of Eko Haus and to those who helped me to understand the lecture and discussions which were only in German: Marc Nottelman and Chisho Frank.

May the European Sangha grow and stay united in the true Jodo Shinshu teaching of our Masters!
Namo Amida Butsu

1)those who wish to see all the pictures I took, please enter here
Some pictures are almost identical so that European sanghas can chose which is the best to use for their magazines or websites.

In a few days I will able to answer my letters and post a new article here

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