Sunday, April 7, 2019

No need for special consecration ceremonies for Amida's images

Question: Should I ask a priest to consecrate the image of Amida Buddha before or after I install it on my altar?

My answer: There is NO need for that. You can simply ask nicely Amida Buddha to bless your image or statue, and I am sure He will not refuse you 🙂. But you do not even need to ask or think about a blesing or consecration as Amida's blessings are always received by those who have faith in Him. If you say Amida's Name in faith while looking to an image of Amida, that is all the consecration you need.

Why should somebody intervene between you and Amida Buddha? The role of the priest or teacher is only to guide you to become more open to Amida, answer your questions, teach you the right Amida Dharma, warn you against wrong views, etc, and nothing more. The priest does not have special powers to attract Amida's blessings than any other ordinary person of simple faith. So don't worry and don't fall prey to those who pretend to be followers of our school and assume such a fake mystical role.

Jodo Shinshu Buddhist path (Amida Dharma) is a personal relation between Amida Buddha and you. As long as you say His Name in faith, Amida is always present. In fact, He has been present for all beings since He attained Buddhahood, always trying His best to make them trust Him and connect to His Pure Land. However, because everything is cause and effect, one who is not opened or not connected to Amida, cannot receive His blessings, just like a TV set cannot work if its not connected to a power outlet.

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