Sunday, January 6, 2019

Don't be upset with samsara

The wheel of samsara. In the left, outside of the wheel,
you can see the Pure Land of Amida Buddha and a path
 leading to it. In the right you can see Shakyamuni,
the historical Buddha, also outside the wheel,
pointing to Amida.
Don't be upset with samsara. Why should you be upset with your own dream? Soon you will wake up in Sukhavati - the enlightened (awaken) realm of Amida and all the delusions and sufferings of your dream state will be over. All your experiences in the samsaric dream will seem like they have never really existed. You will then have a good laugh at everything and immediately start an endless activity of awakening others from their various dreams and nightmares.

But until you wake up in Sukhavati, everything you do here and anything that happens to you, belongs to the dream. You are trying to solve illusory problems in illusory cities and countries, fighting for illusory goals and being mad at other dreaming people over illusory situations.

Really, its useless to get angry at the samsaric dream. The only real element you can find here, and which does not belong to the dream is the Nembutsu of faith. It's like an awakened person is trying to wake you up from sleep, and you are hearing His voice in your dream and answer to it. That person is Amida Buddha, and your answer is the Nembutsu of faith. Even if you are still in the samsaric dream while you say it, the Nembutsu does not belong to the dream and will soon (after death) bring you to awakening.

This Namo Amida Bu is the only connection between the awakening world of Amida Buddha and your dreaming conscience. It is the only real element you can find in the dream which does not belong to the dream. So, instead of spending your time uselessly with chasing illusory goals in illusory dreams, better focus on the Nembutsu and wait until you wake up in the enlightened realm of Amida.

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