Monday, January 27, 2014

The safe enlightened realm of Amida Buddha

Question: Why are we urged to aspire to birth in the Pure Land, and why not try to attain Enlightenment here, in this world?

Answer: The environment in which we now live is the product of our karma and the inter-related karma of all beings. This impure common karma gave rise to an impure environment which also influences us and in which it is hard to have a true spiritual evolution. We ourselves are sick, our fellow beings are sick and the environment is also sick. This is why we are urged to aspire to be born after death, in the Pure Land. This land is the healthy enlightened realm of Amida, a suitable environment which is not the product of evil karma but of His pure karmic merits. Once born in such a sane environment our insanity is cured instantly, our delusions are naturally melt like ice meeting fire, and our true enlightened nature will appear.

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Unknown said...

are their many living amida Buddhas today? sincerely paul Johnson

Josho Adrian Cirlea said...

Hy, Paul!
There are many Buddhas, but each one is different in their manifestations and vows. Amida Buddha is only one. Please read this article:
"About Amida and His Pure Land"

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