Thursday, August 16, 2018

Some of the things I'll do when I attain Buddhahood in the Pure Land of Amida

After my birth in Sukhavati and attainment of Buddhahood there, I will always wear the image of Amida on the crown of my head, like Avalokitesvara. Wherever I'll go in the ten directions to save sentient beings, and whatever form I will manifest for their sake, this will be one of my main features as a Buddha.

In all the places of the universe I will proclaim the Primal Vow of Amida and help all beings entrust to Him. I will be a guide towards Amida's Light, a ship for His Pure Land, and a witness to His Holy Name.
Wherever beings will say Amida's Name I will be there to protect them against all obstructions; they will have in me a constant companion and friend, and to those who don't entrust to Amida yet, I will be like their own shadow, never being separated from them even for a moment until they receive faith.
For an infinite number of unenlightened sentient beings I will assume an infinite number of transformation bodies to help them entrust to Amida. There will be no particle of samsara where I will not be present to work in subtle or visible ways to guide people to faith in Amida.

All these will not be accomplished through my pitiful self-efforts, but through Amida’s inconceivable Power, and is NOT something that only I will do, but you, the reader, can do as well if you entrust to Amida! 
This is the greatest miracle in religion – that ordinary sentient beings are assured of becoming perfect Buddhas through simple faith in Amida upon birth in His Pure Land. I never stop to be amazed by such an inconceivable and indiscriminative Compassion!
In all my previous births in samsara I have never came upon such a miraculous situation!
Thank you Amida Buddha. I take refuge in Amida Buddha. Namo Amida Bu

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