Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Four Profound Thoughts that Turn the Mind Towards the Amida Dharma

The Four Profound Thoughts are a basic teaching, something like a preliminary to any Buddhist path or practice. They have the effect of turning the mind towards the Buddha Dharma and should be a constant companion no matter one is a beginner or an older follower. Sometimes I may refer to them as the Four Contemplations, the Four Understandings or the Four Reminders. In this post I am going to explain them in the context of the Pure Land Dharma Gate of Jodo Shinshu (Amida Dharma).

The Four Profound Thoughts are:

If one contemplates, understands, remembers and never forgets these four, then one is a serious follower of Buddha Dharma. Such a contemplation, understanding and remembering is not something special, but a simple knowing that our situation is defined by the above four truths. I will talk about each one of them in detail. Please click on them to read the explanations. 

a continuation of the Four Profound Thoughts that Turn the Mind Toward Amida Dharma 

- All the teachings/articles in this series are under constant review. 
They will be part of a new book I am working on -

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