Friday, September 2, 2016

Help needed to buy two stoves for Amidaji temple

Dear friends in the Dharma,

the kind of stove I wish to install in the
Hondo (Dharma Hall) and library of Amidaji 
As you can see in the last posts from this website, Amidaji is opened for visitors and it did have its first visitors from abroad: one from Brasil! (click here) and four from Japan (click here). Other visitors also announced their intention to visit in the near future. I hope that you too, the reader of these lines, will come for a visit, soon!
However, as clearly stated here, because there is no heating system, Amidaji cannot provide accommodation and religious services during the cold season. So, unfortunately, under the present circumstances, visitors can only come since late spring to early autumn.

My intention is to change this and make Amidaji available during the whole year to those who wish to spend a few days in retreat in order to hear Amida Dharma. So, I would like to invite you to please help me to buy and install two stoves - one in the library of Amidaji (where visitors receive accomodation) and the other in the Hondo (Dharma Hall).
In the photo above you can see the type of stove I wish to buy. Also, you can see the price in this link from the Romanian DEDEMAN shop:

the Hondo (Dharma Hall)
of Amidaji
The price for one stove is 1353,88 Romanian lei (arround 303 euro), as indicated in the above link.  So, to buy the two stoves I need 606 euro (2706 lei).

To this ammount I must add another 300 lei (67 euro) for two funnels, and for one specialist who will do some modifications in the walls of the wooden houses and install the stoves.

So, the total ammount I need is 606 + 67 = 673 euro (3006 lei)
To this I must also add travel expanses from Bucharest to Amidaji and back, as well as for some unforseen expanses.

If you can afford to, please help me fulfill this objective. Any small help is useful and is gratefully received. No one needs to sponsor the whole amount if one cannot do that. In fact, almost everything I did at Amidaji was raised from little donations.
the library of Amidaji
Thus, when the amount for one stove is raised I will order it immediately and post an announcement here and a photo. How much better if I can raise the total amount for the two stoves. The website of DEDEMAN says they can be delivered in three days from the time of payment.

The link for DONATION is here, or you can find the DONATION BOX in the left column of this website. Also, you can help buying the two stoves by ordering one of the books from this website's store (click here)

The names of all donors, no matter how small there donation, and the names of the departed in whose name a donation was made are respectfully kept in the archive of Amidaji.

Gratefully yours in Namo Amida Butsu,


For more details about Amidaji construction and activities, please contact me at 

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