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Amidaji Construction News 2016 (part II) - THE LIBRARY

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building the concrete platform for the library
1) The plan for the library
One of the most important steps in the Amidaji project is the library. The original plan was to build a bigger Hondo (Dharma Hall) near the actual one, which will be then transformed into the library. But as the funds needed for the new bigger Hondo are beyond my financial possibilities, I decided to build a little wooden house this summer and use it as a library. When that bigger Hondo will be built and the present one will be transformed into the library, this little house will be used only for the accomodation of visitors.

The truck with the building materials 
for the new wooden house arrived on June 13th. 
I also had a service and Dharma talk on  the12th 
and did various little works in the courtyard of the temple.
The thing is I have a great ammount of copies of my books (especially those printed in Romanian by the CBBEF), as well as various old and new Jodo Shinshu English translations that need to be stored in a proper building. Now many of them are kept in precarious conditions near the place dedicated to the temple, and in the homes of some of my trusted friends and readers. So, while many copies will still remain at these friends who help distribute them in their respective towns, I urgently need a suitable place to store the books I have at my disposal, and where the visitors can easily come in contact with them.

building the little wooden house
for the library
2) What I have done until now
- I built a concrete platform for which I paid around 290 euro (1300 lei) - 15 sacks of cement, wire, gravel, three workers, etc
- I ordered a wooden house and I paid arround 1027 euro (4631 Romanian lei) for it. This was built in the factory and assembled on the concrete platform in the temple courtyard.
- the truck which transported the materials for the wooden house arrived on June 13th
- I installed the wooden house for the library on the concrete platform on 19-20 June. I added a water insulation between the wooden walls and the concrete platform, and I painted the walls with a protective formula against sun and rain.

adding wood paint and
water insulation paste
The two persos who helped me to install the wooden house were payed with 110 euro (500 lei). I also needed to pay arround 143 euro (650 lei) for the water insulation paste, wood paint, and other necesities.

I invested another 220 euro (1000 lei) in a shelter tent which is very useful against the sun heat (here the temperature is usually arround 35 °C), a shower cabin and two portable showers. These are extremely helpful, especially when I work.

update July 4th!
- I have recently added glass (10 euro) to the windows of the little library of Amidaji. 
- I also bought and added a carpet (60 euro) and five shelve units (59 euro) for the books. Attention, the books you see in the photo are NOT all the books I have!
Next weekend I will transport more than 10 boxes with books from Bucharest to Amidaji and add them on the shelves and in all corners of the library. This will cost arround 100 euro.
-  last update, July 7th! I travelled from Bucharest to Amidaji with 16 boxes of books. Some of them I added on the shelves of the library, some are stored in the boxes.  More will be added sooner or later.

I will post new photos as soon as they are available.

the little library with new windows and the
shelve units inside
3) What do I need and must do next
In order to improve the new wooden library  I must add:
- thermal insulation on the outside walls of the library
- a stove for the cold season

According to my calculation I need 700 euro  to do all the things in the above list.

However, beside working to improve the library, I must continue other works too from this year's plan. Thus, I need to make a decent toilet, and a gate for the Amidaji compound (you probably remember the fence I built last year!). These two recquire another 500 euro (2260 lei) at the minimum. Not to mention other items mentioned in this year's plan, plus some taxes.

A view of the land of Amidaji with
the Hondo in the far left,
the shelter tent, the library house (far right)
and the shower cabin
If you can afford to, please help me continue this project. Any little support and DONATION is very much appreciated. The link for DONATION AND SPONSORSHIP is here (click here).

Gratefully yours in
Namo Amida Butsu,


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Our Beautiful Path said...

Just wonderful Josho, I cant believe how much work you have done, and it looks so wonderful. So grateful for the brilliant work you do and how much you have touched my heart and many many others Im sure :)

Gassho, Camille

Josho Adrian Cirlea said...

Thank you, Camille, for your encouragement! There is still so much to be done, and time flies quickly. I hope the day will come when the temple complex will be completed.
Thank you also for your Dharma work. I encourage you and I trust in your faith and skills to act as a true teacher of Amida Dharma.
Namo Amida Butsu

Our Beautiful Path said...

Thank you so much. Gassho, Camille

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