Sunday, November 1, 2015

Amidaji construction news 2015 - part 3 (The first trees planted at Amidaji)

oak tree
From the donations sent by readers and Dharma friends I bought 11 trees and planted them in the garden of Amidaji temple: 2 oak trees, 2 birch (betula), 2 japanese ginko biloba, 2 linden trees, 2 pine trees and 1 chestnut oak.
They are little now, but my hope is that they will grow into big trees and last for a few hundreds of years so that they can accompany many generations of nembutsu followers.

I also bought three branches of Campsis radicans (trumpet vine or trumpet creeper, also known in North America as cow itch vine or hummingbird vine) for the fence surrounding the temple grounds. A member also donated three ivy plants (hedera helix) for the same purpose.

The total amount I spent is 157 euro.

Included in this price was a small electric heater for the Hondo (Dharma Hall), which I later realized it will not be enough for the winter months.

Any help is greatly appreciated and very much needed especially now when winter is close.

pine tree

pine tree

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Anonymous said...

Namo Amida Bu, I'm so glad the construction of Amidaji is going well Sensei. Maybe someday I can would be a great honor for me.

Josho Adrian Cirlea said...

Hi, Jeremiah! You are welcomed here! Keep in touch!
The construction goes slowly, as funds are few, but it surely advances a little every year.
Namo Amida Bu

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