Wednesday, July 15, 2015

If nembutsu is true and real

“… in this fleeting world - this burning house - all matters without exception are empty and false, totally without truth and sincerity. The nembutsu alone is true and real." (Shinran Shonin, Tannisho)

If Namo Amida Butsu (nembutsu) is true and real, then Amida Butsu is true and real. This is something that even children can understand. Namo means to entrust and take refuge in Amida Butsu (Buddha). This refuge (Namo) is real and effective because the object of refuge – Amida Butsu – is true and real. Refuge in metaphors, symbols or fictional characters is not true refuge, but an intelectual gymnastic.

Those deluded scholars who repeat “Namo Amida Butsu” but do not accept the transcendent reality and existence of Amida Butsu are like parrots who recite sounds without knowing their meaning. Please, do not be fooled by them. 

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