Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Buddhist idea for Halloween - the Demon chanting Nembutsu

Oni no Nembutsu - the demon
 chanting Nembutsu
If you celebrate Halloween and you are a Nembutsu follower you can make yourself and wear this image of Oni no Nembutsu or demon converted to Nembutsu teaching.
This Oni no Nembutsu is wearing the robes of a wandering priest, representing the idea that although blind passions might temporarily be overcame, their source remains in the heart of humans. However, we are saved by Amida Buddha exactly as we are, so the demon is actually assured of birth in the Pure Land.if he entrusts to Him.
The hammer that the demon holds in his hand and the tray hanged on his neck were used by some wandering priests to hold the rhythm during Nembutsu recitation.
Wearing this during Halloween (you can even beat the tray and recite Nembutsu) and explaining to people what it actually represents, you can help others make a connection with Amida Buddha.  Even Halloween can be an occasion of spreading Amida Dharma, if you chose to celebrate it. 
Have fun! 😃
Namo Amida Bu 

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