Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Summary of the Primal Vow of Amida Buddha

            Now, after so many pages in which I tried my best to explain in detail the elements of the Primal Vow, I would like to make a summary, so that you keep in mind its essentials.
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Basically, what Amida promised is this:

"If you sincerely and exclusively entrust yourself to me, say my Name in a relaxed manner, without being obsessed with numbers and special states of mind, and wish to be born in my land, then you will go there after death. If this will not happen, then it means I do not deserve to be called a Buddha, but you should not worry, because a Buddha always keeps His promises.

However, the fact that I save you so easily, does not mean that I agree with your evil deeds, so please try your best not to do the five gravest offences. Don’t worry, I will save you anyway, no matter what you do, but please try your best to avoid them.

Also, please notice that I really can’t save you if you slander the right Dharma, that is, if you deny my existence, and the existence of my Pure Land. If you do that, you are not actually entrusting yourself to me and do not wish to be born in my land, and the saying of my Name is false. Nobody can go to a place which he thinks it doesn’t exist and can’t be saved by someone whom he considers being an imaginary person. It’s logical, isn’t it? So, please entrust yourself to me as to a real, existing Buddha who manifested a Pure Land especially for you, wish to be born there after death, and say my Name.
I am awaiting you! Please come as you are!"

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