Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Amidaji construction news 2016 (part III)

- last update August 8th - 
 Dear Dharma friends,

Here it is a short summary of what I did this summer, and what I plan to do in the next months at Amidaji temple. For more detailed information (including the funds I spent from your donations) and photos you can click on the links provided in the text:

1) What I did until now
the renovated Hondo (Dharma Hall)
- I renovated, arranged and did some repair on the inside of the Hondo (Dharma Hall). I also added some liquid thermal insulation and painted the walls.
- I paid half of the taxes that must be paid for this year and which are related with the land of Amidaji and the two wooden houses (Hondo and Library)
- I added a new altar with a new beautiful Amida scroll (a gift of Zuikoji temple Osaka)
total ammount spent: 640 euro

the Library of Amidaji (click on the link in the left
to see how it looks like on the inside)
- I built a new wooden house which is now used as the LIBRARY of Amidaji. Both members and visitors, as well as students, are welcomed to borrow copies and even receive some as gifts. It will also be used as an accommodation room for visitors who wish to stay for a few days. 
- I bought a shelter tent which is to be used as an eating place (now it needs some repairs)
- I bought two simple portable showers and a shower cabin which can be used for visitors who stay a few days
total ammount spent: 2019 euro

TOTAL: 640 + 2019 = 2659 euro

2) What I plan to do next (new updates will be posted in this article!)

the wooden toilet 
- a new wooden toilet - this was just built some days ago from the recent donations, so its the last update :) I payed 150 euro for it. 
- to add some upgrade to the library, like electricity, thermal insulation on the outside walls, a stove for the cold season, etc, for which I need arround 700 euro
- a gate for the Amidaji compound (you probably remember the fence I built last year!) for which I need arround 400 euro
- to pay some remaining taxes for the land and buildings of Amidaji (arround 200 euro)
- a well (perhaps arround 500 euro)

I mention that in the village where I built Amidaji (20 minutes from Craiova town) there is no running water and no sewerage, so until I built the toilet the visitors had to use a toilet located outside of the temple courtyard. Also, now, the water we use at Amidaji is brought from a well situated at some distance from Amidaji, so it is very important  to solve this matter too, by having a well who belongs to the temple.

Vistors of Amidaji can sleep here in the library.
until some accomodation rooms will be built, A bed or
sleeping bag will be arranged for them. 
Of course, there are many other things to do until the whole Amidaji complex is ready. You can read the general plan here, if you wish. But at least I hope that with your help, the readers of this website and Dharma friends, I can succesfully finish (at least a part of) the items in the list above, and continue with the rest of the plan next year.

So, if you can afford to, please help me continue with this project. Any little support and DONATION is very much appreciated. I really cannot continue without your help, as I do not have now all the above mentioned funds. The link for DONATION AND SPONSORSHIP is here (click here). 

Amidaji courtyard as seen from the back.
In the left is the Hondo (Dharma Hall)
and in the right is the Library.
Also the link to order some of my printed books is here. Scroll down if you please, and perhaps consider the offer "support Amidaji temple pack" (2nd item in the list).

I am very grateful to all those who helped me until now and who will continue to do so in the future. This temple depends on your kindness and generosity.

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