Sunday, May 8, 2016

Amidaji Construction News 2016 (part I)

Dear Dharma friends,

working on the inside walls of the little Hondo (Dharma Hall)
Here I am again at the place where I build Amidaji temple. And here is the main plan for this year (2016):

- to pay some taxes for the land of Amidaji and for the little Hondo ( - partially done, read bellow!)
- to add thermal insulation to the inside walls of the little Hondo (Dharma Hall) - done, read bellow!
- to build two toilets and a showers area (plus a little septic tank because the village where I build Amidaji has no sewerage)
- to build a gate for the Amidaji compound (you probably remember the fence I built last year!)
- to build one or more accommodation places for visitors
- to build a well (nowadays our source of water is outside of Amidaji land)
- to make a large concrete platform for a new bigger Hondo (around 50 square meters or more) which will be placed near the actual Hondo (Dharma Hall) - when the bigger Hondo will be built, the actual one will be transformed into the library. This bigger Hondo is scheduled to be built in the next year, but if I raise enough funds I do not exclude the possibility to start working on it this year, too!

There are other necessities as well that I must finish or buy this year, but the list is  too long to mention here. If the funds will be enough, everything will be done, and if not, some things will be postponed for the next year.

Here is what I did these days from the funds you, the readers of this website, have recently donated:

- I payed some taxes related with the little Hondo (Dharma Hall) - 220 euro The next taxes I need to pay are related with the land on which Amidaji is located and are arround 200 euro. 

working on the inside walls of the little Hondo (Dharma Hall)
- I added a liquid thermal insulation (AKTIV THERM) to the inside walls of the little Hondo (170 euro). 
This is also useful as a protection against fire and mold. This is only partially done, and it will be finished in the next weekend.
(other expanses related with various works done at the temple during this visit - 100 euro)

In the next weeks I intend to buy two ecological toilets and to build or buy two small wooden boxes where to install these toilets. The funds needed might be arround 300- 400 euro. Because the village where I build Amidaji (20 minutes from the city of Craiova) has no sewerage, I have to build a septic tank or to improvise an ecological system for the waste.
After all these are done, I will continue with the shower area and the rest of the items in the plan above.

working on the inside walls of the little Hondo (Dharma Hall)
UPDATE - May 8th 2016!

I continued the work on the inside walls and roof of the little Hondo (Dharma Hall) of Amidaji. You can see the finished work in these new photos.
The statue I had before at the altar needed some repairs, and I replaced it with the Amida scroll donated by Rev Oku Kyokai from Zuikoji temple in Osaka. I think it looks great, and so for the moment we will use it as the main object of worship.
I also bought a blue carpet for the floor.

the new look of the altar
and Hondo (Dharma Hall of Amidaji)
The total expanses this time were arround 150 euro which of course, came from the donations sent by readers of this website. Thank you very much!  
Next time I try to build the toilets and shower area, and perhaps a small accomodation room, but for the moment, I have no more funds. You can read above about the plan for this year.

Please continue to support Amidaji! Any DONATION, no matter how small is welcomed and fully appreciated. 

Please check this post from time to time because I will soon add new updates and photos!

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