Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Amidaji construction news - 2015 (part1)

Dear Dharma friends,

greetings! :)
As I already announced a few days ago, on my facebook page, I am now at the place where I build Amidaji temple.  My hope is to fulfill as much as I can from this year's plan: 1) clearing the rest of the land dedicated to Amidaji, 2) building the fence around the property of the temple (this is most important!) and 3) isolation for the inside walls of   the little Hondo I built last year. Of course, if funds allow it, I will go on with other necesities, as well.

So, I rented a tractor (200 euro) from the donations sent by some of my Dharma friends, and I cleared arround 80 % of the land dedicated to Amidaji. This cleared land will be arranged into a garden with grass, alleys, trees, etc, and will also contain the rest of the buildings in the Amidaji complex (accomodation rooms, bathrooms, library, etc).
the driver didn't always allow
me to drive the tractor :)
You can see the progress in the photos. It was very hard because the terrain was filled with old grapevine roots, which were very difficult to extract. Surely, without the tractor it would have been almost impossible to do this task. Now the terrain looks very damaged, but only because the tractor had to dig some big holes in the ground to take out the grapevine roots. In the next days I will pick all these roots and weeds, and try my best to level the ground. The earth also needs some treatment and more work, (perhaps again with the help of some technical equipment), in order to transform it into a suitable courtyard for Amidaji temple.
working in front of the Hondo

I also talked with a building material deposit to provide me with 50 iron pillars for the fence. Perhaps it will take a week or two until they bring them here - you can never be sure with these people. Anyway, I prepared another 300 euro for these pillars. Then, I have to buy arround ten big rolls of wire to use for the fence. This is cheaper than wood, which unfortunately, I cannot afford now. But even if it is cheaper, it goes beyond my budget (another 300 euro), so if anybody can continue to help me by donation, or buying some of the books I have for sale, I would be very grateful.

with grapevine roots
Please, stay assured that, no matter how hard it is, or how slowly I move, I will go on. So keep in touch with me and watch closely for the next news and photos!

with grapevine roots
A big thank you to all who helped me until now, and especially since the begining of this year, and to those who will do so in the near future. All donnors are considered founders of Amidaji, and their gifts are very much appreciated.

Namo Amida Butsu!

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