Thursday, October 2, 2014

Our path is simple

In this life we say exclusively the nembutsu of faith in Amida, wishing to be born in his Pure Land after death. In the exact moment we entrust to Amida, we enter the stage of non-retrogression, that is, no matter what happens to us, we are assured of birth in the Pure Land. Just like all rivers flow to the ocean, all beings who entrust to Amida will inevitably be born in his Pure Land after death. Once we put our faith in Amida, nothing constitutes an obstacle to birth there, not even our evil karma. This is why the stage is called, non-retrogression.

Then, when we die, we actually go to the Pure Land, and attain Buddhahood. Once Buddhahood is attained, we return to this world of birth and death, in various forms, to endlessly help all beings, including those with whom we are karmically related. All these happen because of Amida’s Power. The deluded power of the self has no role to play in our salvation and the salvation of others.

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