Monday, October 20, 2014

My responsibility

(in relation with some of my recent posts against false teachings )

Yes, I feel responsible for every person that enters this website, my Facebook pages or my temple – this is why, as long as they stay here, I try to offer them only plain and simple instructions which could hardly be misinterpreted. In doing my mission as a priest, I especially take into consideration the minds of newcomers and beginners who are eager to learn Amida Dharma but can easily get lost in such a chaotic international sangha infested with so many types of wrong views and heresies.

Not only that life is extremely fragile and can end at any time, but our common karma might also be very short, so in those precious moments when they are with me I try to give them the best directions and instructions, the best and most useful words, and point to them the safest places/links where they can continue to listen the Amida Dharma. I refuse to take any risk and indicate to them a place, a book or a priest/teacher/author that are susceptible of wrong views. Especially, I can’t be so irresponsible as to indicate to them a teacher about whom I surely know that he spreads wrong views.

Some of my readers or listeners may be wise people, but not all; some may be karmically mature to differentiate right teaching from wrong teaching, while others are not so fortunate; some may be well established in shinjin (faith), while for others, shinjin is not settled yet….
Some might soon awake themselves from their wander, but what about those who do not? What about those who have very little time at their disposal or are on the point of departure from this world? Thus, the capacities and karma of beings are different, but I, as a priest and teacher, must think first and foremost to the last category from my above comparison, and teach in such a way as if the present moments might be the last and only moments available.

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Jeremiah said...

I think I can speak for everyone who believes in the Amida Dharma as taught by Masters Shinran and Rennyo that you do a great job Josho Adrian,your a blessing from Amida Buddha to us.Your not afraid to tell the truth as it is and every one of us needs that very much. Namo Amida Butsu