Friday, June 27, 2014

Do not rely on your 'spiritual evolution'

Your spiritual evolution is an illusion. What you think you obtained now, you can lose in the next moment.  The ego cannot evolve; all he really does is to constantly adapt himself to various coarse or refined attachments. From material pleasures to spiritual satisfaction and false Nirvanas, the possibilities of deceit are endless to those who rely on personal power. 

In contrast to other paths, the nembutsu of faith is not a mantra for personal evolution, but a surrender of your ego to supreme Enlightenment in the form and Name of Amida Buddha. Even if we remain ego-centered in our daily lives until death and rebirth in the Enlightened realm of Amida Buddha, this ego is no more a basis for the Path to Enlightenment.

Namo Amida Butsu - we entrust not in our unenlightened ego, but in Amida Buddha, the Enlightened One of Great Mercy.

2 comentarii:

Anonymous said...

Right you are Josho Adrian Cirlea !
We are to entrust ourselves COMPLETELY to the OTHER POWER of Amida Buddha ! Not trust our own self-power efforts at attaining enlightenment. _/\_ Gassho,

Camille and Paul said...

Absolutely brilliant, thank you Josho; so beautifully true in its simplicity. Gassho, Camille

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