Friday, August 9, 2013

Do not use Amida Dharma for worldly matters

For what purpose have there come to be meetings twice each month? They are held for the sake of realizing one’s own faith which leads to birth in the land of utmost bliss, and for nothing else.
Rennyo Shonin, (Gobunshō IV – 12)

Please never use the Amida Dharma to justify your social or political opinions or any other view you might have in your personal life. 

Use Amida Dharma only for birth in the Pure Land of Amida.
Use your time dedicated to Amida Dharma only for receiving shinjin (faith in Amida).
This is extremely important. Amida Dharma is NOT a mean to accomodate samsara to your likes or dislikes, to your style of living or to the opinions and views of your social, political, or even sexually oriented group.

No matter how well-meaning you are, if you approach this Dharma for any other reason than helping yourself and others to receive shinjin and be born in the Pure Land, you are not in accordance with the intention of Amida.

Once you understood that Amida Buddha makes no discrimination between sentient beings, no matter to which group they belong or how right or wrong they are, then just entrust to Him and leave worldly matters to worldly matters.

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