Monday, January 3, 2011

Solve the matter of death and after death NOW!

"We should all quickly take to heart the
matter of the greatest importance of the afterlife, entrust ourselves deeply to
Amida Buddha, and recite the nembutsu." (Master Rennyo)

No matter what I do, there is one thought that comes to me naturaly and this is: „I will die one day, maybe tommorow or even today”.....

To be or not to be a religious person lies in how much attention one gives to his own death and after life. And there is something more: in how hurried he or she is to solve this matter of death and after death.
This I think should be a great urge for a Buddhist practitioner – to solve the matter of death NOW, as soon as possible, to be hurried to solve it and to not postpone it for another day or year.

Indeed, to have the sense of urgency in liberating yourself from death and rebirth is a sign of health on the Buddhist path. To wait, to feel that you have enough time for spiritual evolution its a delusion, the gravest delusion Mara, the demon, can give to you. And it is such a sweet delusion! How nice it is to spend your time thinking you are always learning and evolving!

People in general and many Buddhists, while staying on the edge of the great abyss of death and rebirth, they are playing the game of spiritual seekers, indulging themselves with the fruits of their personal realizations, thinking that today they learned something new and they evolved a little more, thus being unable to see and make use of Amida's helping hand.

Please do something and stop this madness, dear Dharma practitioners! You are no better than before and you will never be. You will never learn anything true, but your own ego centred wisdom.
You are NOTHING in the great storm of birth and death and the so called merits or wisdom you think you gained in this human life will count nothing when you die. Nothing truly reliable, nothing stable can be built by your unenlightened mind. Only the Buddha’s Mind is reliable. And this Buddha Mind took a Name and a form in the person of Amida and is waiting for you to realize you need help.
I think there is nothing more valuable in the spiritual life than realizing the need for help and asking for help. Isn’t it a stupid thing to be in a deep dark ravine and refuse the help of the only person who can get you out just because you think you can do it by yourself?

Isn’t it stupid to think you can become a perfect Buddha capable to save all beings in this very life with this body? I mean, of course, some could do it in the past, but isn’t it stupid to think that YOU, the reader of this blog, are the same with them? And isn’t it stupid to have the feeling that you have enough time to try? If this is not delusion, then what is it?  Have you entered this path to become a Buddha and free yourself from birth and death, or to be a nice and smiling Buddhist? Please meditate on this.

What makes you so special that you cannot die suddenly when you go to toilet or eat something? And in what state of mind will death find you if you die suddenly? Will you be a Buddha, a free One in the moment of death, or an ordinary person like you are now and you have always been?
And if you do not become a Buddha in this life, what makes you think you will have another chance to do it in another life? Isn’t it stupid to lose the chance of escaping the prison of birth and death when someone offers to take you out, just because you wish to go out by yourself? And you call your attitude, wisdom???
Or is it delusion?......
Please meditate on this.

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