Saturday, October 2, 2010

Question: are gay and lesbians welcomed in the dojo or temple?

I was asked this kind of question from time to time so I thought is good to post an answer here:

All people without exception are welcomed in the dojo or temple if their reason for being there is to listen to Amida Dharma and receive shinjin (faith). This should be very well understood.

But if you come to the dojo and tell me „I am gay”, I will reply, „did I asked you something?”
If you also come to the dojo and tell me, „I am heterosexual”, I will give you the same reply, „did I asked you something?”
If you come to the dojo or temple and start talking about your homosexuality or your heterosexuality, or you express it in any form, I will send you home. Why is this? Because the dojo or temple is not a place for such things. Its the same if you insist talking about politics or other religions. You simply go home.

I do not care who you are in your personal life or with whom you make sex with. I do not preach theories on sexual orientations, but the unconditioned salvation of Amida Buddha. If you are interested in learning about it, then you are welcomed at the temple, if not, please don’t come.

Master Rennyo said in his letters that the goal of nembutsu gatherings should be listening to Amida Dharma in order to receive shinjin. He didn’t mentioned any other reasons for coming to the dojo or temple so I myself refuse to talk on matters not related with the Shinshu Dharma nor allow any activities here which are not related with shinjin and birth in the Pure Land. 

All you need in order to be born in the Pure Land of Amida Buddha is shinjin (faith). This shinjin has no color and no sexual orientation.
My duty as a priest is to help you receive it, so when I put my robes and kesa I leave everything else behind. Please also do the same and do not lose your time and mine with unimportant matters.

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