Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Romanian tokudo candidate not recognized by me

Many days ago I received news from a Japanese source who wishes to remain  anonymous that a Romanian person is now in Japan for tokudo (priest) ordination. All the evidences indicates that she is the one who left my dojo after I did not allowed the publication in Romanian of Taitetsu Unno’s „Bits of Rubble Turn into Gold” due to some fragments from that book which I consider to be a divergence from the Jodo Shinshu teaching one can find in the sacred texts of our school.

It is traditional when one goes for tokudo that he or she first receive a recommendation from his/her priest and teacher, in this case me, who I am also the official representative in Romania.
Why this did not happen now?
It is very simple. Because she is a good tool to be planted in my own country against my uncompromising style of teaching the Dharma and my cause to stop modern divergences. Many were upset by my style and have started to find ways of shutting my voice or isolate me, first by sabotating the 16th ESC and now by supporting for tokudo a person not prepared for this mission.
Yes, I state it very clear as the one who gave her instructions into Jodo Shinshu teaching for so many years, that into my opinion, she is not prepared to become a teacher and a priest.

I teach the members of my sangha with great care and attention, instructing them in the best way I can. Sometimes in the future I don't exclude the possibility to give recommendation to one or more of them to become tokudo candidates, but now is NOT the right time. To be hurried in this matter of absolute importance is not good. So I repeat, nobody from Romania has now, at the present moment, any recommendation from me to receive tokudo (priest) ordination.

I wish to inform everybody in the European and international sangha* that I will never ever collaborate with her nor recognize her as a member of the Romanian Shinshu Association or Tariki Dojo Craiova. If she wishes to do activities as a priest, she will do it by herself, start her own dojo, etc, but be always separated by me and not have my support.
As you see, the seeds of great discord will be sown by making her a priest in Romania. To do such things, to promote somebody as a priest without asking me anything, who for so many years work for the promotion of Jodo Shinshu in this country as well as in the international sangha, is an irresponsible action, an act done without taking into consideration the local specific situation, without talking with others involved, not only with me but with other members of my dojo as well.

I am sad that again I find from unofficial sources that things are decided about Romania without myself being informed, exactly like the cancellation of the 16th ESC was decided with two months before I found about it, in a secret meeting.

I am sad about how I, as a person who worked a lot for spreading Jodo Shinshu in Romania and for the international sangha in general, have been treated now and in relation with the cancellation of the 16th ESC.

This is all I have to say for the moment and do not wish to enter into greater details about this topic unless it becomes really necessary, which I hope it will not be the case as there would be many other dirty things to be revealed  that would only bring greater suffering and discord in the sangha.

I am sorry to interrupt the posting of my usual Dharma teachings, which are truly useful for people’s understanding, with this kind of article. Be sure that I find no pleasure in doing this, but I really had no other option. 

*I also informed IABC and Hongwanji International Center about my decision and this article.

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Anonymous said...

Does the European Shinshu sangha not have more urgent issues than creating further divisions ? Do the authorities of the Honganji really want to get involved in this little quarrels of a bunch of spoilt children ? My recommendation: stop ordaining any new Shinshu priests in Europe until the European Shinbuddhists grow up and get a life !

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous #1 @ September 28, 2010 11:44 PM

Whilst I share your dismay at all this discord please do not lump all European Shin Buddhists together in such a derogatory manner. It is ridiculous to assume that we all hold the same views. Apart form anything else not all European Shin Buddhists are members of the Nishi Honganji.

Shaku Tokusui said...

Dear Josho,

In principle we should rejoice when somebody takes the step to become a priest, since it is a sign that the sangha flourishes.

Now, of course, the circumstances in this case could have been more harmonious.

No, we European Shin Buddhists do not need to agree on everything. Some follow Rev. Bloom and Rev. Unno, others are more comfortable with Kobai Sensei and Inagaki Sensei. Yet others try to find the best everywhere.

We have the right to respectfully disagree with each other. We may point out our mistakes to each other in a compassionate way. But we also need to invest patience and forgiveness.

In this sense, I do hope that things can be mended in the Romanian and European sangha. The Good News of Shin Buddhism is worth to be spread in order to create peace of mind and peace in the sangha.

Yours ever in Namo Amida Butsu,

Tokusui Luc

Josho Adrian Cirlea said...

Thank you all for your comments although I would have liked the first two persons to sign with their real name.

I believe that first we should agree with what Shakyamuni and Shinran said. In personal matters we can disagree as much as we like but when it comes to the Dharma we should not maintain a doctrinal chaos in which everybody says Jodo Shinshu is this or that according to his own personal views.

Doctrinal chaos is what causes disharmony in our sangha. The decisions like the one I said in this article that I do not accept are only political decisions of those who wish to impose their personal beliefs in the sangha.

Such decisions and the sabotaging of the 16th ESC which was supposed to be held in Romania come from people who do not act for peace or in the interest of Jodo Shinshu.
This is the truth I wish to express it clearly.

Josho Adrian Cirlea said...

Anyway, I do not wish to insist too much on this topic. Soon I will go on with other articles on the Dharma. The only thing I can do is to teach as Amida inspires me and leave alone those who wish to fight for power and their personal opinions.
Teaching is my act of resistance.

Paul Roberts said...

No man, and certainly no organization, owns the Dharma.

The Buddha owns the Dharma. He declares it, and He dispenses it, freely, without charge, for the sake of all beings everywhere.

No man, and no organization, can make someone a true teacher of the Dharma. Only the Buddha can do that.

Organizations are simply groups of bonbu. Sometimes they behave more foolishly, and sometimes less - just as we do as individuals.

When an organization, or an individual, is behaving more foolishly, it is ignorance. It is delusion. It is egotism.

This too shall pass, as all things must pass. Ignorance, delusion and egotism all must come to an end.

But while it still thrives, driving the Sangha into darkness, those who know that Amida is a real Buddha and the Pure Land a real place can only bear witness - whether that witness is accepted, or not.

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