Friday, March 5, 2010

Death barrier

“Death barrier,
what does it mean to you?”[1]
You have to answer to this question, but not using only your rational mind. You have to put all your heart into this question. Ask yourself over and over again, “death barrier, what does it mean to me?

What does death mean to you? Do you really feel that you will die, do you really understand impermanence? This question is addressed to you personally; it is not a general question, not a philosophical question, but a very intimate question. It must become very personal.

Take the thought of death in your everyday life, when you go to bed in the evening, when you start your day in the morning, when you are sad or when you feel happy, when it is your birthday or when you get marry, when eating a good meal, after having sex, when you are satisfied…invite death to enter your mind and make you aware of its hidden presence.

Everything you have is fragile, so feel this fragility. “Fragile” is a very good word. Feel the fragility of your own body, of your relations with others, of the environment you live in, and especially feel the fragility of your own so-called spiritual achievements. Be aware that you can die every day, every moment, and fear most about the place you might go after death.

Fear most if you haven’t received shinjin (faith) yet, and do all you can to be sure that your destination is certain. Don’t waste the time you have without solving the most important matters of death and what comes after death.

[1] Zuiken Inagaki Sensei.

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