Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dharmicness - poem by Jason Ranek

Here is another beautiful poem from Jason Ranek, my nembutsu friend from Norway. Those who enjoyed his Hymn of Amida Buddha's 18th Vow, will surely like this one, too.

“Dharmicness” means not brought about in any way
by the practicer’s calculation…

For five long years I listened to the Dharma
But only heard the sound of my own mind working.
All that my mind was able to produce
Was just a false and manufactured shinjin.
Please, leave Amida to Amida’s business!
Entrust yourself and reverently step aside,
For a stance of doubt before the boundless Light
Is the most miserable of attitudes.
When hearing the Dharma is one’s only practice,
Life changes utterly, becoming a journey
Of self-reflection, humility and gratitude.
How grateful I am that the only wisdom to be found,
Throughout the ten directions of the universe,
Is to live as a child of Amida Buddha!


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