Sunday, May 11, 2008

Eiken Kobai Sensei will attend the 15th ESC

I am very happy to announce you that Eiken Kobai Sensei, one of the most important Jodo Shinshu teachers of our times, will attend the next 15th European Shinshu Conference in Germany.
He will give a lecture with the title: "Establishing Shinjin :The premise of peace and tranquility"

I invited him to attend and he sent me a positive answer a few days ago. I believe his presence will benefit a lot the participants who wish to receive the authentic transmission of Jodo Shinshu teaching and practice.

Kobai Sensei is well known for his traditional approach in teaching the Dharma and his faithfulness to our Founder, Shinran Shonin.
He is one of the few Jodo Shinshu teachers of our days who doesn't mix the true teaching of Shinran with his personal ideas and opinions. For me, he is a rare and precious teacher, this is why I recommend you to meet him and receive direct instructions from him.

ps: this is the website representing the teaching activities of Eiken Kobai Sensei

DHARMA LION PUBLICATIONS printed two of his books:

THE TRUE AND REAL WORLD OF SALVATION - An Introduction to the life and teaching of Venerable Master Shinran

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