Monday, April 21, 2008

Passing of Joryu Chiba Sensei

This is a sad news – the Chairperson of IABC (International Association of Buddhist Culture), Rev. Dr. Joryu Chiba, passed away by acute heart failure on the 12th April, 2008 at age 86.

I sent this message of condoleances to be read at his funeral service which will take place at his temple, Anraku-ji in Tokushima:

"We, European Jodo Shinshu followers owe a lot to every IABC member and to Chiba Sensei, who supported us for so many years. In Romania we have a dojo only because of IABC support. There is almost nothing I did here which was not supported by IABC. I received kikyoshiki (lay confirmation) and became a priest in Japan only because IABC supported me with a grant, Romanian kikyoshiki candidates will attend the 15th European Shinshu Conference only because they receive help from IABC, Romanian translations were printed only with IABC help, etc. IABC is a part of almost every Jodo Shinshu activity in Europe. We should always revere this devoted group of Jodo Shinshu brothers and never forget their leader, Joryu Sensei.
His passing is a lost for the international sangha, but his devoted colleagues will continue his work. Each generation passes the torch to the next, and in the end, all meet in the Pure Land. Those who go first, will protect those who still remain here for a shorter or longer period of time. Joryu Sensei will continue to guide IABC from the Pure Land.
Namo Amida Butsu,

Josho Adrian Cirlea - representative for Jodo Shinshu Romania"

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Anonymous said...

"master honen said
Merchants are happy to have their sleep interrupted by the crowing of the rooster at sunrise so they can start work.
Those who desire to be born in pureland should take similar pleasure in the unexpected agony of illness"

denzuki nyusho by master Chogei



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