Tuesday, November 6, 2007


At the link from bellow, you can listen to a recitation of the Homage to Shakyamuni Buddha(Vandana), the Three Refuges(Ti-sarana) and Amida kyo, on Wesak day 2007, by Tariki Dojo sangha- Craiova. This is Not a so good recitation :), but I said to add it here anyway, so you can have a little look on our recitation practice. On Wesak day we usually have some guests from other Buddhist traditions or people interested in general Buddhism. On this occasions we try to have a common recitation practice. This is why the last time we chose Vandana, Ti -sarana and Amida sutra which is chanted not only in Jodo Shinshu tradition. Unfortunately, at the last Wesak only few people attended.

Click here to listen:

ps: the record was done without special preparations and not with a good technical device. The ceremony included oshoko (incense offerings to the altar) which was done in turn by every participant while the others continued the recitation.
- There is a small break between recitation of the Three refuges and Amida kyo.

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