Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Six simple statements of Jodo Shinshu faith

Kuse Magonojo of Iga Province was a Jodo Shinshu follower with deep faith in Amida Buddha. Before he died, he composed these six simple poems for his sister, which describes in short words the essence of his faith. Do you feel the same?

(1) Having left everything to the Buddha,
I have no worries in the mind.

(2) Transmigration in the six realms having ended,
I now dwell in the Stage of Non-retrogression.

(3) Since salvation comes from Amida,
I simply accept it with gratitude.

(4) The more I become aware of my grave evils,
The greater is my joy for having boarded Amida's ship.

(5) A gem-laden gate and a brushwood door make no difference;
The moonlight illumines everywhere equally.

(6) Having left myself in the hands of the Buddha whom I worship,
I feel no anxiety about my life after death.

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