Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Karmic evils do not constitute hindrance to birth in the Pure Land

"Junsei said to the Shonin, "It is stated in the Letters that at the time of awakening the single thought of shinjin(1), one's karmic evils are all destroyed and one attains the Rightly Established State, or the State of Non-retrogression. However, you have just said that as long as one lives, one is bound to commit evils. Your remark sounds different from what is stated in the Letters."

The Shonin replied: "When it is stated that one's karmic evils are all canceled at the moment of awakening a single thought of shinjin, it means that one's birth in the Pure Land is settled by the power of the single thought of shinjin and that one's transgressions do not create hindrance to Birth; therefore, they are as good as non-existent. As long as we live in the Saha world, our karmic evils are not exhausted. Are you, Junsei, already enlightened and so are you free of transgressions? It is stated in the scriptures that one's karmic evils are canceled at the moment of awakening a single thought of shinjin. You should ask yourself over and over again whether you have attained shinjin or not, instead of questioning whether you still have karmic evils or not. It is up to Amida to save you after He has destroyed your karmic evils or to save you while leaving them as they stand. You should not inquire into this problem. Remember that shinjin is of paramount importance." Thus the Shonin emphatically stated."

from Rennyo Shonin Goichidaiki-kikigaki - "Thus I have Heard from Rennyo Shonin", translated into English by Hisao Inagaki Sensei

(1) shinjin - entrusting in Amida Buddha's Primal Vow

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