Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Back from Eko-ji

I returned from Eko-ji temple in Dusseldorf last night and now I have to make a little more journey until I finally relax at home.
This meeting was one where I couldn't become bored and this was due to the teacher Eko Haus der japanischen kultur invited - Noriaki Matsuo Sensei - who I think was the best teacher ever came to Eko Haus since I attend this kind of meetings. He gave a lecture on Shoshinge and as far as I understood from the passages translated by Marc and Chisho Frank(second picture), his commentaries were excellent and with no trace of that kind of sophisticated scholarship I don't like. Also I didn't find any distorsion of the teaching in his lecture, but only good explanations in accordance with the words of Shinran. This Sensei is rather young and unknown to the European public and I hope Eko Haus will continue to invite him at future meetings.

All the participants engaged in useful Dharma discussions on many topics related with Shoshinge, which into my opinion, made this meeting a true nembutsu meeting, one of the few that actually take place in the international sangha. I was indeed satisfied with everything happened there, not only with the lecture and talks with old friends, but also because of the Dharma discussions I had with new members like David Cwila.
After the Hoonko ceremony I could give books to visitors who attended it and others that were present in the Eko Haus. Among these gifts were the two books of Eiken Kobai Sensei printed by me at Dharma Lion. In total I gave 18 books to visitors and members, including THUS I HAVE HEARD FROM RENNYO SHONIN.

Finally, I had a beautiful surprise from my German friends who invited me to be an official member of their sangha. I consider it to be a beautiful symbol of unity and a recognition of our friendship.

I give my thanks to all the people who made this meeting possible, and those who attended it, but especially to Aoyama Sensei(third picture) - the abot of Eko-ji temple and president of Eko Haus and to those who helped me to understand the lecture and discussions which were only in German: Marc Nottelman and Chisho Frank.

May the European Sangha grow and stay united in the true Jodo Shinshu teaching of our Masters!
Namo Amida Butsu

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