Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Working on the kitchen of Amidaji and new plans for this year (2019)

Amidaji kitchen now
below you will see
photos with all
the repairs

Last winter I started to repair and arrange a kitchen for Amidaji temple. First, I repaired the walls and roof, and this year I continued with the floor. A few weeks ago I bought a brand new stove on gas which was put into use when the first guests arrived in May. 
The repair of the walls, roof, and floor were very expansive (more than 500 euros) and I needed to pay two workers and two carpenters. Also, the stove on gas was 200 euro.

The next things related to the kitchen that I must do this year are the following:
         - to add a cooker hood to the stove on gas
       -  to buy a heater for the winter bathroom which I built last year
    -  due to the fact that the village where Amidaji is located is not connected to a gas network, I must use gas cylinders for the stove. This creates a problem (about which I did not know when I bought it) that only the stove eyes or burners can be used, and not the inside oven which works only for stoves connected to the gas network. This is why I now need to buy a separate electrical oven for meals that need to be cooked inside the oven.
       -  to buy and install a hydrophore to pump water from the well (a cemented hole must be built near the well to place the hydrophore)  and bring it to the kitchen and bathroom (water pipes are also needed) 
Amidaji kitchen now. Bellow, you can
see photos with all the repairs
        -  to buy and install an electric water boiler with which to warm the water for the kitchen and the bathroom 

The expenses related to the above will surely be more than 1000 euros as I would also need to pay specialized workers to do them.

Other things that I plan to do at Amidaji this year are:

-      -    a storeroom for the books. In July I receive 45 packages (2000 copies) of the Romanian edition of my new book The Meaning of Faith and Nembutsu in Jodo Shinshu Buddhism which was printed for free distribution by CBBEF in Taiwan, plus 1000 copies of the Spanish edition of The True Teaching on Amida Buddha and His Pure Land. More copies of other Spanish editions will follow this year, and I also need a larger place to store the packages (more than 30 boxes) of books I already have now and which are kept in the library. Because the library is too small and I also accommodate visitors there, a separate storeroom for all the boxes with books is very much needed.
-         -   to finish and launch the new electrical system in the kitchen and the new guest room I arranged last year. Work on this new electrical system started last year but was stopped due to lack of funds. I now use the old electrical system which is very weak.
-         -  to do some repairs to the Hondo (Dharma Hall)

me - giving a helping hand on the floor
The expenses related to the above will also be more than 1000 euro as I need to pay workers and an authorized electrician.

- if possible, I want to build or start building a new, larger Hondo (40 square meters) near the actual one and transform the actual Hondo in the library (the actual library will remain an accommodation place for visitors). This will cost minimum of 1000 euro.

I do not know how much of the above I will be able to do this year, but I will try my best to at least finish a part. It all depends on the funds I can raise.

working on the floor
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Namo Amida Bu

the finished floor of Amidaji kitchen

the stove on gas 

Amidaji kitchen now
Amidaji kitchen with visitors in a Nembutsu retreat

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