Monday, June 17, 2019

Fundraising for the new Hondo (Amidado) of Amidaji temple

Amidaji courtyard. In the far left is
the present Hondo and in the far right is
the library. The new Hondo (Amidado)
will be built near  the present Hondo
I have decided to make the building of the new Hondo (Dharma Hall) a priority for 2019. 
This will be placed near the present Hondo which will be transformed into the library (the present library will remain an accommodation place for visitors). The new Hondo will be called Amidado (The Hall of Amida) like it's done in other temples, Hongwanji included. 

the present Hondo
The new Hondo will have 40 square meters (8 meters in length and 5 meters in width) and will be built from wood on a cement platform (the actual Hondo is 17 square meters). Unfortunately, I can’t afford to build it from bricks as I wished, because it would be too expensive. The cost of 80% of this new Hondo is around 1000 euro (building materials plus workers - the same I used for the new guestroombathroom, and kitchen), which include a cement platform, the walls, insulation for the outside walls, and a simple roof. 

th present Hondo and part of
the library(right)
The insulation for the inside walls plus various other things that must be done inside can be postponed for the next year, but if I raise some extra funds, I will do them this year.

If any of you, the readers of this website and Dharma friends of Amidaji, can help with a little DONATION, I would be very grateful. Having no taxes or fees for Dharma activities, Amidaji depends on the generosity of its readers and Dharma friends.


or to this link if you wish to use other methods,

The name of donors (no matter the amount offered) will be included in the dedication list of my new book. Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity!
Namo Amida Bu

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