Saturday, March 31, 2018

Spring work at Amidaji and the plan for this year (2018)

planting tibetan goji on the eastern fence

As usually in spring, I started the work at Amidaji temple with planting activity. Thus, from the few donations received from readers and Dharma friends I planted 20 tibetan goji on the eastern fence of the temple land, and 26 sea berry on the Western fence.
I also added three Paulownia Tomentosa (Empress Tree/Kiri Tree). The Paulownia Tomentosa are fast growing trees which are also present in China and Japan. The total amount spent was around 150 euro (700 lei).
planting sea berry on the western fence

The plan for this year will vary depending, as usually, on the funds I am able to raise. Various taxes must be paid, a gate for the temple courtyard is very much needed, and if possible, I plan to start the building of a new bigger Hondo (Dharma Hall) near the present one which can be transformed into library. 

planting sea berry on the western fence
in the far left is the Hondo and in the
far right is the library of Amidaji
Also the present library may remain a guest house. Presently I use it as both library and guest house. I would also like to build a cement platform or pedestal for an Amida Buddha statue in the middle of the temple courtyard with a stone altar for outside ceremonies and circumambulations. If possible I would like to replace the stove on gas from the present Hondo with a new one on wood, etc. As I previously said, the plan can be changed or adapted depending on the funds. As Amidaji is a temple without any fees for activities or membership taxes, it relies completely on the benevolence of its Dharma friends, so any little donation is gratefully received and very much needed. Please click
planting a Paulownia tree. Now it looks
like a simple long stick, but have patience
as he will grow and develop very fast

I will post any progress I made, as I do every year. If you wish to see the main plan for the temple, and the past years progress, click here.

As you know, Amidaji is opened for visitors. If you wish to read about the accommodation conditions, click here.
Inside that article there are links with photos of various friends from different countries who visited Amidaji temple.

Namo Amida Bu

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