Sunday, November 13, 2016

Library of Amidaji affected by a powerful storm

The roof of the library is on the fence

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Dear friends,

I was preparing to post some new photos with what I have done in the last days at Amidaji, like planting some new trees, improvements to the stoves,  when disaster stroke.

A very powerful storm blew for 24 hours in the South of Romania (many houses were affected in my village and electricity was interrupted all day) and destroyed the library. Normally, the house should have resisted, but there was a mistake made by the company who produced the wooden frames for the southern wall, and the instalation team who helped me built the house promised that they will come and repair it.  Unfortunatelly, they did not come although I called them repeatedly, and this powerful wind enlarged the crack in the wall until it blew the roof entirely.

I am sorry that I am not so good at technical explanations, but the photos taken by me some minutes after the incident are very explicit. I will show them to the company who sold me those frames for the wall, and see how I can remedy the situation.
The Hondo (Dharma Hall) is well and safe, and I moved all the books and items there until the library will be restored.

I will keep you informed about any progress I make. Do not worry, I will not give up in face of this problem and I will restore the library, no matter what. I promise you that! 

UPDATE (December 2nd):

People repairing the roof of the library (left). In the right is
the Hondo (Dharma Hall). In the far left, you can see the wooden
toilet which was also turned upside down by the storm.
As you can see in these new photos, the library and the wooden toilet were repaired. A big thank you to all who helped! However, the library's outside walls must be improved as soon as possible with some additional layer of insulation so that to make it more stable - powerful storms might come again.... I also need to add metal tiles on the roof, like I added on the roof of the Hondo (Dharma Hall). The sooner I make these, the better. Thus, any little help is welcomed and appreciated, as I have no more funds available.

Please consider a small DONATION, if you can afford it  - (click here if you wish to donate). Amidaji temple depends on your generosity.

the roof of the library was repaired. The wooden toilet is also
on the upright position again and repaired

the library repaired - however, I must add metal tiles on the
roof and improve the wooden walls with some insulation
inside the library of Amidaji. You can see the stove, too

planting trees with the help of a faithful dog :)
I also bought some wood with the money I was able to raise until now from donations and selling my books. I will try to use them carefully so that they can last for the duration of the entire cold season.                                                                                                                  Six new trees were also planted before the storm and were unnafected. These are fruit trees: a nectarine tree, an apricot tree, and a pear tree on the Northern side of the land, two cherry trees (one near the Hondo, and another in front of the library) and an aple tree on the south side where there are also some plum trees. I am sure that visitors and members will enjoy these fruits when they attend Dharma meetings!

Seeds of dog rose (rosa canina) were planted on the whole East side of the fence. If it proves succesful I will plant more on the West side next year.  Dog-rose is very useful as a live fence.

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