Thursday, December 25, 2014

The ever repeating „here and now” of Samsara

Like in the good movie, „Groundhog day”, the minds of unenlightened people dwell constantly in an  ever repeating „here and now”. Unfortunately, they like this ‚here and now’ so much that they even create spiritual ideologies to keep them focused on it. Being extremely attached to the ‚here and now’, they refuse to speak about death and rebirth, or the aspiration to be born in Amida’s Pure Land, calling it a reminiscent of folk religion or a distraction from the ‚here and now’. Unfortunately, they will also die one day, in the exact moment they dream about ‚here and now’ and will be born again, in another ‚here and now’ - the same here and now, but painted differently.

How sad this is…

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