Friday, October 17, 2014

Do not place your teacher on a pedestal

With all due respect for some good and important modern teachers, nobody is a Master except Shinran, Rennyo and the seven Masters. Thus, on my pages only they can be called “Masters”.

Next, the words of many nowadays teachers, including insignificant priests like myself and others should not be considered supreme, but always checked. Only the words and instructions of the sutras and the Masters are supreme and should be accepted in faith. No modern teacher should be placed on a pedestal and nobody should be considered to have the same doctrinal authority like for example, Shinran or Rennyo.

One can be called a teacher only if he/she is a faithful transmitter of Amida Dharma as it is contained in the sutras and the works of the Masters, but even the good teachers should not be placed on the same level as the Masters. It is better and safer this way, as we may never know when, due to personal shortcomings or attachments to this or that previous practice or ideas, they may do or say something wrong and because of our attachments to them we tend to imitate them.
We can all make mistakes, so as long as we and our teachers are not enlightened, it does not hurt anybody to be both grateful and careful.

Namo Amida Butsu

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